Cleveland Halo Utility Wood

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HEADCOVERS: If a headcover appears in the photos above then this club comes with the manufacturer’s matching head cover. If not we will supply a plain black fairway head cover free of charge.

WRENCHES: This club will NOT come with the manufacturers wrench for making adjustments.



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Mens Left Hand









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Head Condition:

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Price: £45.00

RRP £199.00 | Save £154.00

Pay in 3 Monthly Installments
No interest. No Fees!
Available on orders of £150.00

Features and benefits of the Cleveland Halo hybrid:

  • The Cleveland Halo hybrid utility offers an extra large sweet spot and a high moment of inertia for increased stability and forgiveness at impact.
  • Due to its unique sole design, and low and deep centre of gravity, this hybrid club is extremely versatile for shots from the fairway, rough or tee.

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Five stars Great Club

monkeydog    04/05/2017

Very good off tee for long par 3's but equally as good from fairway or light rough.

Five stars Cleavland Halo

Cochrane    11/02/2013

Great purchase! I now have 2 Halo clubs of different lofts.L/handed to boot!!! any chance of 1 more club sock to match?!!......RC

Five stars Cleavland Halo

Cochrane    11/02/2013

Great purchase! I now have 2 Halo clubs of different lofts.L/handed to boot!!! any chance of 1 more club sock to match?!!......RC

Five stars Cleveland Halo Utility

grahamwld    09/06/2012

A great club - excellent for long (200-210yd) par 3s. Also terrific from light rough and off the fairway.

Five stars Cleveland halo 19'

gogsyb    23/05/2011

Bought this club to replace my 5 wood, off the tee it's superb for when I need a drive to a tight fairway

Five stars halo

ruddles    09/05/2011

A really good utility to complement my 19 degree. easy to hit and usually very straight!!

Five stars Great hybrid

joemaxmoore    07/02/2011

Used it for the first time tonight down the range. Very forgiving on off centre strikes and much easier to hit than a long iron!

Five stars Rescue/utility woods

wolfred    07/08/2009

It took me years to get round to trying rescue clubs but what a difference they make - you can get 3-iron distance out of a 7-iron lie. It's like cheating. I would say a "must" for all but the most powerful striker. I have replaced 1-iron and 3-iron, which were in the bag largely for show, with 19 deg and 22 deg and I use them all the time. Now, if I had to lose one club, it would be the fairway wood.

Four stars Cleveland Halo 19 degrees regular graphite

keithallen    06/07/2009

Bought a 22 degree a while ago. Straight, long (for the loft) and forgiving. Can be very long off a short tee - so useful as an alternative for tee shots. Decided to try the 19 degree to fill the gap in my bag between the 22 degree and a 3 wood. The 19 degree is good - but not as forgiving as the 22 degree. I find the flight of them quite low - which is useful to me.

Five stars Outstanding

Yodals    15/04/2009

I'm a mid-range handicapper, and play about once a month. This club changed my game on long holes and is much more forgiving than a long iron. The flex gives extra distance and the sweet spot is easy to find. Well recommended!

Five stars Zanderb

Zanderb    09/10/2008

I have the 2&3i Halo, they are fantastic, much easier to hit than a fairway wood and give a good solid feel with a great ball trajectory, Played like an iron with all the benefits of the fairway wood.

Five stars Halo

omadden    10/06/2008

Excellent club with neutral face. Easier to use than a long iron!

Five stars Cleveland Halo 16 and 19 degree

joejan    16/07/2007

I Have 2 of these rescue clubs in my bag to replace the 3&5 woods they are great of the tee and make 200 yard shots to green a lot easier than my old fairway woods recomended if like me struggle with fairway woods/long irons i have tried other rescue clubs but find the HALO by far the best

Five stars Halo's are not only for Angels

miroku    21/04/2007

You cannot go wrong wiht a Halo, any lie,fairway or Tee. Recommended

Five stars Rescue

wedg1e    16/02/2007

The most impressive feature for me is that the shaft flex gives good feed-back and feel, with the result that my timing has improved. The end result with the Halo is a high, straight and fairly long (@170 yards for me) flight. i have found it to be a huge improvement on previous utility clubs that I have tried.

Five stars The Easiest Utility to Hit

kansas72    16/01/2007

Have tried many brands of these clubs and just couldn't get the ball airbourne. Stuck with Fairway woods for a while and then my local Pro advised me to try one of these out. Well haven't looked back since then. The first time I took it up the range I was very impressed. Good ball flight, straight and high. The Ball stops very quickly. Would defo recommend one of these to anyone that has toyed with the idea of a Utility Wood. You won't want to use a fairway wood/high iron again. Also excellent service from Golfbidder, as usual.

Five stars Absolute saint of a club !!

rab3364    16/11/2006

I bought a 19 degree Halo (Stiff shaft) - WOW!! What a fantastic club, solid responsive feel, great trajectory, superb distance and a great confidence booster. Totally recommendable to any grade of golfer.

Five stars Cleveland Halo 2i reg graphite

jonig98    16/11/2006

I bought this to replace my wayward Mizuno MP001 5 wood, which I hit 200-210 yards. The shorter shaft has certainly helped keep my dispersion lower, and I reckon I'm getting maybe 5 more yards, allowing for a bit of run from the Halo's lower flight. The clubface is also larger so I would class this club as more forgiving on off centre hits than the Miz. Overall a more versatile club than a 5 wood.

Five stars Halo 22

valegolfer    12/02/2006

This club (Halo 22') is as good as all the reviews I have read. It is far easier to hit than any long iron and gives good ball flight and superb distance. I would recommend this range of clubs to anyone.

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