How Part-Exchange Works

If you’d like to use your clubs to refund against a current or recent purchase. Here is a quick overview of how the Upgrade Scheme works.

  1. Obtain a quote for your current club/s.
  2. Place an order.
  3. Receive club/s and make sure you’re happy with them.
  4. Send your old clubs to us and they will be checked for authenticity and condition.
  5. Once completed the card used for purchase will be refunded in accordance with the quote + £6.99 delivery costs from previous order.
  6. If the items you’re selling are of greater value than the club/s you purchased then we will send you a cheque for your items - the £6.99 delivery cost will be refunded to your card.

Print out the Quote Form attached to the email - make sure you tick the Upgrade Credit Box.

Enter the Sales Order Number which can be found on the email receipt you will have received when you bought clubs from us. It is a 6 digit number, beginning TN. If do not have access to this email phone us on 020 8401 6906 and we’ll help.

Box up the clubs - you can use the box we sent your clubs in of course.

IMPORTANT! Put the Completed Quote Form in the box with the clubs!

Once your clubs have been processed and having confirmed they match your original description, we will refund the card you paid for your Golfbidder purchase with your items AND the £6.99 delivery cost from your previous order. We’ll email you as soon as this is done.

If you have any queries, please contact our team on: 020 8401 6906.

PGA Exchange Scheme

If you wish to use the clubs as a credit against goods for sale in any one of over 1500 club pros shops around the UK, simply take the quote form to any participating club pro.

A full list can be found at

Identify the shop which is most convenient for you and ring in advance to check opening hours – and that they have the item/s you wish to purchase. The Pro will check that the condition of the club/s matches the ratings you gave.

He/she will then phone Golfbidder on the Pro Desk Number 020 8401 6900 and we will authorise the transaction by creating another purchase order in the name of the Pro in question. You’ll then be able to use your clubs as a credit against anything in the shop – it might be a new club, but could also be shoes, balls, clothing - up to the total value of the quote - less £7.50 which is the amount the pro will be charged by Golfbidder for collection of the club. The credit must be spent there and then.