Wilson Staff Launch Pad Driver

Model Year:  2020

RRP: £269.00

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The Slice is Solved: The Launch Pad driver from Wilson solves golf's most frustrating problem - the dreaded slice off the tee.

Anti-Slice Tech: Hosel offset, combined with 13 grams of weight in the heel side of the club and an upright lie angle all help to produce straighter drives.

Forgiving Face: Delivers high ball speeds and high launch angles, regardless of where on the face you make contact.

Fast Club Head Speeds: The lightweight components of the club including the head, shaft and grip result in a total club weight of just 272g, which translates into an effortless increase in clubhead speed for greater launch angles and distance.

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Staff Launch Pad Driver


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Wilson Staff Launch Pad

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Five stars The Stragler

naomian    21/09/2020

At long last I can keep up with the Big Boys! Long and Straight.

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