Odyssey Exo Stroke Lab Marxman Putter

Model Year:  2018

RRP: £369.00

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Multi-Material Construction: Weight concentrated around the perimeter delivers incredibly high MOI, more consistent distance and directional control.

Legendary White Hot Feel: Featuring Odyssey's iconic White Hot insert for superior sound and feel with the consistent accuracy and distance control from Microhinge technology.

Stroke Lab Shaft Weighting: Revolutionary new multi-material Stroke Lab Shaft is designed for innovative weight distribution, dramatically changing performance dynamics to promote a smoother and more accurate stroke.

Mallets (And Mallets With Toe Hang): Odyssey's EXO range offers face balanced options (to reduce face rotation) and toe hang options ('S' for more face rotation in the stroke) on each model.

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Five stars Expensive and very nearly worth it

TEMPORARY570923    28/09/2019

The truth is that £300 for a putter is a lot of money and if it wasn't for the keen pricing and 7 day trial offered here, I probably would not have bought one. But I am really glad that I did. I enjoy really clear alignment aids and I'm not sure that you can get much clearer than a bright white line along the whole depth of the putter head. Particularly on short putts that require just a balls width of break. Now when I miss, it's more a miss read than the stroke as the ball is now definitely going where I aim. The problem with alignment aids on a putter is that on longer putts it is easy to lose focus on the distance. This definitely happened for the first couple of hours. Then add I started to see just how accurate I'd become I started to trust a longer swing and immediately more looking putts started falling. I can't explain the voodoo behind a half graphite and half steel shaft or the micro hinges on a white hot face. What I can confirm is that the swing line holds true and I'm finding it easier and easier to lag and even occasionally sink 20 and 30 footers. Is it all down to the putter? Hell No! But it builds more and more confidence in the alignment and the stroke and confidence leads to better putting. I did not want to pay the money for this putter but I just could not send it back. Not only do I really enjoy playing with it, I love the colour combination and hi-tech imagery. Even the cover is beautifully designed. The looks make it feel special and that in turn makes me feel great. And when your forking out premium cash you deserve a Ferrari putter and not yet another grey replica. Go on treat yourself - you know you're worth it :-)

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