Nike VR_S Covert Fairway

Model Year:  2013


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Five stars

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Features and benefits of the Nike Covert Fairway Wood:

  • The world’s first high speed cavity back conforming driver delivers longer and straighter shots.
  • Independently choose your loft and face angle. A simple adjustment fits your club to your swing to maximize distance.
  • Nexcor face technology delivers faster and longer shots across a wider area of the face.
  • Visual philosophy: non-conventional, performance enhancing geometry on the sole. Conventional appearance at address.
  • Performance philosophy: cavity back design redistributes weight into the corners to increase moi in a traditional head shape.
  • Please note that there is no wrench provided with the fairway model as standard.

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VR_S Covert Fairway


Nike VR S Covert

Mens Right Hand


3 Wood



VR_S Covert Fairway


Nike VR S Covert

Ladies Right Hand


5 Wood




Five stars Nike Fairway Wood

golfing50    30/03/2016

Excellent club very pleased with my purchase, club in good condition complete with headcover and speedy delivery.

Five stars Must buy

Jackygold55    15/07/2014

Best club in my bag, hititng it off every tee and getitng my 5 wood pretty darn close to my drives. Brilliant ball flight and easy to reach par 5's in two.

Five stars Great club

jjsilence    08/05/2014

It really is a case of look good feel good with this club. So easy to hit high and long. Would highly recommend to any golfer.

Five stars Classy club

mattfoster88    11/08/2013

Something special had to come along to replace my v-steel. This was It. Immaculate looks, long off the tee, high off the fairway. Inspires confidence. Brilliant club.

Five stars Awesome looking great to use

maltpugh    04/07/2013

Awesome looking great to use

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