Titleist 503-H Hybrid Fairway

Model Year:  2007


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Five stars

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Titleist 503-H Utility Wood. Titleist 503H Utility Iiron is designed to provide the better player with a long game yardage gap and trajectory solution. The innovative design and construction provides a more manageable trajectory versus a high loft fairway and more playable trajectory versus a long iron.The Titleist 503-H provides the player with a set composition alternative to a high loft fairway metal or their longest iron carried. The 503-H launches lower and spins less than a comparable fairway metal for better shot and trajectory control. The Titleist 503-H is shorter than a comparable fairway metal for better shot and trajectory control while providing similar distance.

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Five stars A great Club.

swiftysmith    01/07/2015

A Great club, just as I remember them, Golf Bidder is a brilliant company to deal with and all their items are as described this is the second time I have used them and I will be back for more.

Five stars 503 h hybrid

Nobby1981    21/05/2014

This is agreat club forthe btter play and recreational golfer alike. The flight is really good and enables the accuracy of an iron with the distance of a wood. very pleased with my purchase

Five stars Inspires Confidence!

stubbo    29/10/2013

Never really got on with hybrids having struggled to get consistency with distance. This club is an ideal long iron replacement which sits incredibly well behind the ball and inspires confidence. Distance control and playability is excellent and I would thoroughly recommend it.

Five stars Check the swingweight

bradsw    13/05/2013

I really like the 19 degree version of this club so I picked up the 21. I couldn't hit it properly though. I went and tested the swingweight and it was a C8 - way too light for me - all my clubs are weighted at D4. I had hoped to avoid this by getting a steel shaft! No luck there. So I swapped out the shaft by a professional clubfitter and there we go - exactly what I wanted. This particular club hits the ball very easily, can swipe through rough quite well, the profile of the shot can be shaped, low-high, hook-draw-fade-slice. The feeling on contact is flush and balanced - I can see no difference between this one and the fli-hi offer. As usual the face of the club was in as new condition. To be frank - I do wish we knew the swingweight of clubs before we bought. I know, totally impossible given the volumes handled by Golfbidder. Anyway, I am satisfied, although the final price will be as expensive as new, given I had to change the shaft. The club hits like new anyway - so that's a decent match.

Four stars Excellent

CraigD19    30/09/2012

Purchased this over a month ago now and was pleased with the service. Club came in a matter of days and was in better condition as to what I was expecting! I read alot of reviews on other sites were people say these are hard to hit and yes they are. Very easily hooked of the tee especially. But with abit of practice, these things can make the ball fly!! Very good into the wind as it keeps it low and the bigger hitters could squeeze 230-240 off the tee with these.

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