Taylor Made R7 Draw Fairway

Model Year:  2008

RRP: £129.00


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Five stars

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TaylorMade R7 Draw Fairway Wood. Say goodbye to the right side of the fairway. Draw-Weighted Technology concentrates weight in the back heel area, encouraging faster clubface rotation through impact to promote a draw. The Taylor Made R7 Draw Fairway wood Features a lower and rearward centre of gravity for higher launch and spin rate while the titanium clubhead design results in high Moment of Inertia to reduce clubhead twisting. A re-designed head shape has made it wider from front-to-back but shallower in the club's face. This moves the centre of gravity lower and further back for a higher launch and spin rate. Tremendously powerful and forgiving.

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Five stars R7 draw 3 wood

TEMPORARY587855    24/02/2020

Received the r7 Taylor made draw 3 wood very promptly I have tried off the tee and has a really nice sound although I need to practice hitting off the deck However really pleased with the purchase will use golfbidder again

Five stars Handicap down

nelito    05/11/2015

Com esta madeira já percebi que o meu handicap vai Baixar bastante e muito rápidamente. Foi a melhor compra que fiz até hoje.

Five stars Ok

Baldrik    01/05/2011

Ok , thats an undrstatement. Lovely Club, first time I hit a ball with it, well good job there was a tree in the way or it would have been in the next County.

Four stars Dont like graphite

diamonds    24/08/2010

My 5 wood is steel and straight from tee or fairway this one is graphite and good off the tee but I cant get on with it on the fairway. Will keep graphite shaft as it goes well from the tee and use the 5 on the fairway.Goes straight!

Four stars Keeps me straight

diamonds    24/08/2010

Bought because of my tendency to slice my woods the club took some getting used to but now goes straight and long.

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