Taylor Made R7 Draw Rescue Fairway

Model Year:  2008

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Five stars

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Features and benefits of the TaylorMade R7 Draw Rescue Hybrid:

  • Heel weighting to encourage a closed club face on impact to promote a Draw.
  • It has a larger clubhead design than the Rescue Dual and Rescue Mid giving it a low, far-back Centre of Gravity making it easier to launch the ball on a high, long flight.

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R7 Draw Rescue Fairway


Taylor Made R7 Draw Rescue

Mens Right Hand






Five stars Rescued

siwhite0    29/09/2013

This club fits right in with my R7 3w and driver, and effectively replaces my 3 iron, which I was really just carrying around for fun. I don't know why I waited so long for the rescue. Easy to hit from the deck and the rough, and way more versatile than the 3, which I only ever really hit off the tee.

Five stars Incredible Value for Money

Field99    16/04/2012

Never played with a hybrid before, was hitting this recovery Hybrid off the floor 170 yards at at an aqua driving range using floating balls...I have a natural fade when using my irons, this club went dead straight 9 out 10 times!

Five stars R7 Draw Rescue

private78245    27/02/2012

Excellent value. It works a treat

Four stars r7 draw rexcue

bertiecool    24/10/2011

I find this club to be more consistent than my 6 iron although i would have preferred a graphite shaft to match my 25 deg model the steel shaft seems to be ok

Five stars Taylor R7 rescue

drewbryceland    10/04/2011

This club is so easy to play it should be illegal.

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