Taylor Made R7 Steel Fairway Fairway

Model Year:  2008

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TaylorMade r7 Steel Fairway Wood. TaylorMade r7 Steel Fairway woods are the first steel fairway wood with Movable Weight Technology, featuring a shallower face and a precision positioned centre of gravity making it easy to get the ball airborne on a mid to high trajectory. The TaylorMade RE*AX 70 graphite shaft promotes a medium-height trajectory that delivers an optimal combination of control and distance. Features two TaylorMade Launch Control (TLC) Ports with 16 grams of movable weight. Also has a swing-weight plug permanently positioned in the back of the clubhead which moves weight from the front of the clubhead to the back to enhance CG position and allows TaylorMade engineers to quickly and easily adjust the club's swing weight during production

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R7 Steel Fairway Fairway
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Taylor Made R7 Steel Fairway

Mens Left Hand


5 Wood



Five stars Best Purchase Yet

Percey62    14/01/2019

What can I say about these clubs, they are just brilliant, I purchased the 3 Wood (15 degrees) and 5 Wood (18 degrees). In comparison to newer woods the head size is a little smaller but apart form that there isn't much difference. I have used them now for 4 games and the difference is amazing, from my previous 3 Wood (Dunlop Steel Shafted MXII) and 5 Wood (Dunlop Graphite Shafted MXII), as the ball now travels straighter and with more distance (previous 3 wood was going about 180yards and is now about 215yards. Previous 5 wood was about 170yards and is now nearer 190yards), perfect for someone looking to improve their handicap as I am. Golfbidder were brilliant and had the clubs sent to me exactly on time. I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for new clubs.

Four stars AAA+++++++++++

saleended    30/01/2013


Five stars Taylot Made R7 Steel Fairway

davidhen84    16/10/2011

Have only had three rounds with this club and am happy so far. Am using off the tee as my driving is a little loose at the minute - Long and straight, averaging around 240-250 yards with a low trajectory. Have found the club quite forgiving from the fairway and light rough. So far very happy with the purchase. Should also mention great service and value for money from Golf Bidder.

Five stars Taylor Made R7 Steel 4 Fairway

colinfg    08/08/2011

Good service - Arrived next day and condition was as described. Only problem is it is fitted with a 9 gram weight instead of the standard 14 gram. Do you have a spare 14 gram weight?

Five stars Buy this, watch your handicap fall

johnnywallman    15/01/2011

This may not be the newest Taylor Made model, but I can tell you it's pretty damn good. Long, straight and feels fabulous.

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