Nike Slingshot OSS Wedge

Model Year:  2007

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Nike Slingshot OSS irons. The second generation of the revolutionary Nike Slingshot irons take forgiveness to a new level. The deeper centre of gravity position, wider sole and lighter and hotter face make high, long and accurate iron play easier than ever. The centre of gravity (CG) position of the Slingshot OSS irons is by far the lowest and deepest of any Nike iron. This helps launch the ball higher and makes it easier to square the clubface. This is made possible, in part, by a Cryo Steel clubface which is thinner and stronger than conventional stainless steel. The weight savings (29 grams) attributed to this ultra-thin face is repositioned further back in the clubhead's oversized Slingback design and lower in the wide Dual Glide sole to enhance perimeter weighting and increase the clubhead's Moment of Inertia (resistance to twisting). The Dual Glide Sole has been engineered to provide the clubhead with smooth flow through the impact zone and deliver crisp, authoritative shots. The wide constant sole width of the Nike Slingshot OSS irons make it easy to get the ball airborne and increases the effective bounce to help prevent digging and fat shots. The bevelled trailing edge of the sole reduces turf drag and the risk of thin shots. Nike Slingshot OSS irons have weight strategically distributed in each clubhead within the set. Long irons have weight concentrated low, rearward, and in the heel to facilitate squaring the clubhead and getting the ball airborne. The positioning of the Slingback in the long irons creates a high ball flight for long, soft-landing shots. As the club numbers increase throughout the set, the Slingback design incrementally shifts higher and towards the toe to precisely calibrate trajectory and spin rate to prevent shots from ballooning while maintaining the ability to hold greens.

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