Ping Craz-E Putter

Model Year:  2005

RRP: £89.00

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Four stars

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Ping Craz-E Putter. Designed with a geometric shape for increased inertia and easy alignment, and a blue urethane full-face insert that provides a soft, responsive feel, the Craz-E became the fastest-growing putter in the United States soon after its introduction. The head is designed with a centre of gravity that is very low and away from the face. This helps get the ball rolling sooner and straighter for more consistent putts. The strategic weight placement near the heel, toe and rear of the putter creates an extremely high moment of inertia for increased accuracy and consistency. The crescent shapes and extra-long sight line contrast with the blue urethane inserts to create an Optigraphic Effect - a visual aid that helps golfers square up and stroke the putter along the intended target line.

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Five stars G2i Ping Craz-E Putter

fishru    08/12/2014

This putter is no longer available in the shops. I have used the G2i Craz-E for over 8 yrs with great confidence and have wanted a spare for some time. Item was delivered quickly and in excellent condition, better than 7 stated. A relief to have found a backup of a wonderful club. Thank you, Golfbidder.

Three stars Ping Craz-E putter

Voyager2011    23/08/2012

Not had a chance to really use the putter yet but will this weekend. I like what I see so far. One thing though; on the data sheet for the putter, no shaft length is indicated, unless I'm mistaken. At this point I may need to lengthen the shaft with an insert and re-grip. Delivery was as scheduled, however, only after I had posted a comment. I received from the delivery company notification that they did not deliver on some days. I am only 30 minutes from Dundee and on making my comment the Putter was delivered that afternoon, late, to a neighbour, which was not in the plan "awkward".

Five stars great putter

mdbates    30/06/2008

only used the putter a couple of times but can tell already how much more balanced the club feels. delivery was prompt, i won't buy clubs from anywhere else!

Five stars Ping G2i Craze-E

gavinclarke0    12/07/2007

I bought the Ping Craze-E because my older putter was too small, too light, I didn't like the look of it and the feel off the face was hard. The Ping Craze-E is very stable, helps your alignment and has a lovely soft feel and makes it easier to control my distance. It is even better on shorter putts, when you setup you just know you can't miss. If you don't have confidence in your putting this could be the one for you

Three stars unsatisfactory

goddas    08/07/2007

i am not really ver impressed with this club which is why i am getting the oydyssey fangs putter. i found that the line was an advantage but it just seems to bulky and heavy which has caused me to slice my putts meaning many dropped putts. although i have dropped 14 shots since buying this club i cannot put it down to my putting it's more the fact that i purchased titleist vokeys which have given me confidence and my driver ping g5 goes a mile. i must say though that i am disapointed with the putter as i paid £109 for it aswell and it hasn't really produced.

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