How to Retain the Value in your Golf Clubs

Here at Golfbidder we see hundreds, no thousands of used clubs. Many, we’re pleased to say are in excellent condition which we go on to sell – after all, one man’s trash is another’s treasure! However there are some that are not in very good condition at all.

We pride ourselves on our meticulous inspection process that needles out any counterfeits that come through the door. This process is also very important in rating the clubs. As you can see from our rating guide, the clubs that make the grade (6 out of 10 or better) will have very few cosmetic defects and absolutely none that will affect performance.

Naturally we do not to want to have to send your clubs back to you as this is of no interest to either party. But there are some that we have to. If you follow these simple points though, this should be avoided and even better – you may get a little more than you thought for your old clubs.

1. Use Your Headcovers

This may seem simple and natural to most of you but believe it or not there are some people who choose not to use the headcover supplied with their new golf club. Any dents or major paint chips on crowns will automatically result in your club not making the Golfbidder minimum standard. Golf clubs are fragile things as well as being very expensive. Please protect them!

2. Dry Your Steel Shafts

Another major reason for clubs having to be returned is pitting in steel shafts. Pitting is when small specs of rust start to appear on the shaft. When this starts to occur we can no longer guarantee this club for 1-year and the amazing thing is it’s almost as easy as using headcovers to prevent. After your round, especially if it’s been raining take a dry towel and just dry your golf clubs - you should be cleaning them anyway! Then just leave them out overnight. Do not put them back in the bag as this will most probably still be damp and undo all your hard work. Besides you’ll want to play with them all night as they’ll look brand new after a good clean.

Also if you can we suggest keeping clubs inside as sheds and garages can be damp and increase the risk of pitting.

3. Clean Them Before Sending

It really is amazing the amount of clubs we get that are covered in mud. All it takes is a good clean and they would probably go up one place on the Golfbidder Rating Scale – meaning more money in your pocket.

4. Don’t Lose Your Temper

This is another favourite in the office. We see so many clubs we can instantly tell which dents are as a result of not using headcovers and which result from a big power fade into the water. In either case it means that we cannot take your club in. Just try to keep focused on making birdie with the second ball and minimising the damage.

5. Use Of Ghost Tape

This is another easy one but requires a little more work on your part. Using ghost tape across the top line of your woods will remove the chance of sky marks occurring on your clubs. Any sky mark that is visible at address is an automatic 6 out of 10 even if it was the first shot with the club. A simple line of tape should mean that your club is never rated lower than 7 out of 10.

6. Use Clean Golf Balls

Especially when you’re practising, try to use clean golf balls as much as possible. Just a quick wipe with a towel as you put it on the tee will save the faces of your golf clubs from being damages by sand, stones and mud. You see the pros tossing their ball to their caddies at every possible moment to give it a clean – so you should be doing the same. Yes – even on the range!

And there you have it – a few simple tips that will help you keep value in your golf clubs and result in the quote we give you being more than you expected.