Pricing and Valuations

Pricing Used Golf Clubs

Golfbidder is the biggest buyer and seller of used golf clubs in Europe. In order to manage our stock efficiently we have developed over a number of years our own sophisticated software which allows us to monitor the supply and demand across thousands of models – from the latest must-have driver – to an old left-handed wedge.

Our price checking systems
Our systems monitor the supply and demand of thousands of models.

The buy and sell prices are constantly changing across our entire stock range – taking into account not only the current demand for a particular model, but drilling much deeper, accounting for the condition of the head and shaft – as well as other attributes which affect the club’s desirability. For example the specification of the loft, shaft material and shaft flex will affect the price. Do not be surprised if the price of an item has changed since you last looked! Depending on market conditions it may have gone up or down.

In simple terms, if demand for a particular model in a particular specification is high – we pay a lot for it; at the other end of the scale if it’s an item which is likely to stay in stock for a period of months then we will be paying less.

As a partner of the PGA, we deal with thousands of retailers – and tens of thousands of customers. Our unique position within the golf industry has allowed us to create a truly liquid market – but, crucially, one which offers both buyers and sellers a peace of mind and convenience, which cannot be matched by websites which allow members of the public to buy and sell between themselves.

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