Adjusting Your Clubs

Learn how to adjust your golf clubs to optimise them for your game. Max out distance, get a Tour launch, and optimise spin and ball flight to find more fairways and lower your score.

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How to adjust your TaylorMade M1 driver

When you purchase a TaylorMade M1 driver, you are gaining a club that has a tremendous amount of adjustability. With a simple adjustment wrench, you can raise and lower the loft, give the driver a draw or fade bias, and change the trajectory and spin the driver puts on the golf ball. Our guide breaks all of these down to help you set up your M1 driver to best suit your game.

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Adjust The Nike Covert Driver

Like many other drivers on the market the Nike Covert features a two sleeve hosel system that allows loft and lie angles to be adjusted independently from each other. However, one different in the Nike Covert is that the driver head does not have a stated loft on it. The

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Adjust The Titleist 913 Driver

The great thing about the 913 driver from Titleist is that you can change loft and lie independently from each other using the two hosel sleeves. Using the wrench provided and the Titleist SureFit chart you can find the right combination of letters (A-D) and numbers (1-4) that will suit

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Adjust Your Wilson Staff FG Tour F5 Driver

The Wilson Staff FG Tour F5 driver is equipped with their fast fit system – Green Means Go! The idea is that as soon as you seen the green line appear as you loosen the shaft from the head it’s ready to adjust – no need to comply disconnect the shaft from

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Adjust The TaylorMade R1 Driver

The TaylorMade R15 was and still is one of the most adjustable drivers out in the market place. Adjustable hosel for loft alterations, moveable weighting for moving the ball in the air and a sole place on the base to alter lie angle and look at address. These three factors

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Adjust The Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 816 DBD Driver

The Callaway Great Big Bertha 816 Double Back Diamond is one of the most adjustable drivers out there. Two independent hosel sleeves as well as a pair of chambers in the sole results in a huge number of combinations you can try to get your optimum launch. Luke Williams from

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Adjust The Titleist 915 Driver

So you’ve bought the Titleist 915 driver and you’re trying to adjust it to get the right settings for your golf swing. Bret Porath, Director of Club Fitting at Titleist – the man who fits the Tour players – takes us through the very easy to follow system of letters and numbers

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Adjust The TaylorMade R15 Driver

So you’ve brought your TaylorMade R15 driver and you want to make sure you’ve got it set up right for your swing. Brain Bazzell from TaylorMade, who designed the R15 driver, takes us through exactly what can be adjusted and how to adjust the R15.

The first thing to change

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Adjust the TaylorMade M1 Driver for the Majors

As the 2016 season gets going we tasked TaylorMade M1 designer Brain Bazzell to set up the company’s new driver for each of the four Majors. We wanted a high slinging draw for Augusta, a low penetrating flight for The Open at Troon, a straight flight for the unforgiving US