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How to Retain the Value in your Golf Clubs

Here at Golfbidder we see hundreds, no thousands of used clubs. Many, we’re pleased to say are in excellent condition which we go on to sell – after all, one man’s trash is another’s treasure! However there are some that are not in very good condition at all.

We pride ourselves

Selling Guides

Rating Guide

Welcome to the Golfbidder Rating guides. Here you will find all the information needed whether you're looking to buy or sell golf clubs with us. Each section has detail images of what the clubs in this category look like so you’ll have a good impression of either the club you’re

Selling Guides

What We Don't Buy

One thing to look out for on shafts is pitting. Pitting corrosion, or pitting, is a form of extremely localized corrosion that leads to the creation of small holes in metal. In golf pitting will occur on steel shafts where the protective chrome layer has been attacked by the corrosion.

Selling Guides

Pricing and Valuations

Golfbidder is the biggest buyer and seller of used golf clubs in Europe. In order to manage our stock efficiently we have developed over a number of years our own sophisticated software which allows us to monitor the supply and demand across thousands of models – from the latest must-have driver