The Ryder Cup Mystery Box with Rick Shiels and Peter Finch

Unboxing The Clubs

With Ryder cup ingrained in golfing legend, the battle between the EU and the US is well established to golfing fans. Golfbidder have paired with Rick and Pete to reignite this competition with the Mystery box, EU vs US edition. Rick and Pete were presented with a selection of clubs for selection, to build a bag. The draft selection began for Pete, with the putter, an Odyssey 7 that was used by Ian Poulter to kick start Europe’s comeback in Medina, to birdie the last 5 holes and earn the point.

Rick chose to favour the irons first, taking the bladed Callaway Prototype MB1 irons, used by Patrick Reed in 2016 to defeat Rory McIlroy in one of the most charged matches in recent Ryder cup history. Pete’s next decision was to deprive Rick of the Vapor Pro driver, that he knew, was on Shiels’ radar for the bag. Shiels went for the American vibe, Mickleson style, Callaway MD3 wedges. These featured a 60° lob wedge that wouldn’t look out of place in the hands of the king of flop.

The Callaway Diablo Octane Tour was taken by Finch, to emulate the fairway wood game of Henrik Stenson. The Diablo Octane remained in Stenson’s bag for over a decade, so carries a powerful legacy to go with Finch’s setup. With the Setups complete, they were ready for the competition:

Rick's bag Pete's bag
Driver PING G20 Bubba edition Nike Vapour
Fairway woods TaylorMade SLDR Callaway Diablo Octane Tour
Irons Callaway Prototype MB1 Mizuno MP-64
Wedges Callaway MD3 54° / Callaway PM Grind 60 TaylorMade TP Milled
Putter TaylorMade Ghost Corza Odyssey #7

Long Drive Challege

The Long Drive competition took a simple format. Each player would get two sets of 3 balls in to establish the longest possible drive with their respective drivers. In order for the shot to be counted it must finish within a 60-yard fairway, 30 yards either side of the centre line to mirror the World Long Drive rules. A notable change was seen in Rick’s shots, with the G20 Bubba edition driver supplied by Golfbidder switched out for a G20 with a more appropriate shaft flex for Rick’s swing.

Nearest The Pin

The Nearest the pin challenge is exactly as it seems. Both players took to three virtual holes on the Fictional Bluebayo golf & fishing club course. The winner of the best of three, would win the challenge. Ranging from 150 yards to 190 yards the players would be required to demonstrate accurate iron play to earn the win on this water guarded virtual golf course.

The Match

Part 1

Armed with their Golfbidder challenge setups, the venue was The Mere Resort, armed with plentiful water and an intimidating first hole par 5. Pete’s opening tee shot was long and aggressive, using his Nike Vapor driver, cutting the corner to open his round. Rick was equally successful with his PING G20. These opening shots characterised the first part of this video, with both players playing good golf and finishing the video in the red. Watch the first part here:

Part 2

Both players are all square and under par going into the second part of this 4 video 18 hole match! The second half of the front nine posed more issues for the players with some wayward tee shots requiring the odd lateral chip and worked draws around trees to access the green. However, using their second hand set ups, both players managed to make the turn all square with Rick recovering after risking going 2 down after 6. Watch holes 5-9 here:

Part 3

With the match all square, the competition moved to Pete’s channel for the back nine. Rick was arguably looking the favourite with Pete complaining of poor iron striking using his Mizuno MP-64s, whereas Rick immediately clicked with his Callaway Prototype MB1 blades. Throughout this part, both players managed impressive up and downs from around the greens and avoided bogies like the plague, however, Pete was able to turn up the heat with some impressive chipping, to take a 2 up ead going down straight into the last part of this series! Watch the video here:

Part 4

Opening the final video 2 up, Pete looked to turn the screw and solidify his lead. By avoiding risk and playing regulation golf he looked to capitalise on the pressure that was stacking on Rick, forcing aggressive plays, and prohibiting safety first golf. It was this continued pressure that saw the players reach the clubhouse with a winner! Watch the video here to find out who won:

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