Adjust The Nike Covert Driver

Like many other drivers on the market the Nike Covert features a two sleeve hosel system that allows loft and lie angles to be adjusted independently from each other. However, one different in the Nike Covert is that the driver head does not have a stated loft on it. The loft is written on the sleeve of the hosel as this was the first in a wave of drivers where one head was produced for all lofts.

When you’re ready to start making adjustments take the wrench provided and unscrew the club head from the shaft. Once the two are disconnected rotate the two sleeves until you have the desired combination of loft and lie angle (indicated by neutral, right or left – depending on preferred ball flight). Once you have the sleeves lined up simply put the shaft back in the head, lining up the white line with the loft desired and tighten the screw back up. Make sure you turn the wrench until you hear a click as this is built in to indicate that the screw is tightened to the correct amount. Once you’ve heard the click you’re ready to go.

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