Adjust The TaylorMade R15 Driver

So you’ve brought your TaylorMade R15 driver and you want to make sure you’ve got it set up right for your swing. Brain Bazzell from TaylorMade, who designed the R15 driver, takes us through exactly what can be adjusted and how to adjust the R15.

The first thing to change on your R15 driver is the loft. This is the element that will produce the most change. It is recommended you start here and make sure the launch conditions are right for your swing and the course and ground conditions you play on. The loft sleeve is adjustable up or down 2-degree from the stated loft on the driver head – a 10-degree driver could be any loft from 8-12-degrees. To adjust the driver simply unscrew the shaft and head with the wrench provided, turn the hosel to the desired positing and tighten back up – until you hear the click. This click prevents over tightening.

The next adjustment to make is using the split weights on the front track. These can be moved to any position on the track to help move the ball from left to right or vice versa. For maximum draw movement, the two weights would go to the heel, for maximum fade to the toe. For a slight draw or fade one of the weights would be moved back towards the centre or for maximum forgiveness, one weight in the toe and one in the heel for max stability. Tighten them both back up and you’re ready to hit the range or course.

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