How to adjust your Callaway ROGUE ST driver

This page (and the video above) will run you through how to adjust any of the four drivers in the Callaway Rogue ST family.

You'll notice at a glance that all four Rogue ST drivers in the family feature Callaway's adjustable Opti-fit hosel, but there's no evidence of a single swappable or sliding weight to be found anywhere in the lineup.

The theory here is that Callaway believes that providing four different heads in the family gives you enough opportunity to fit perfectly into one of them, therefore removing any need for moveable weight technology.

How to find the right Callaway Rogue ST driver for you

Callaway Rogue ST driver family

Before making any adjustments, you need to ensure you've got the model that suits you best. Let's run through and outline the differences between them.

The Callaway Rogue ST Max

The Rogue ST Max driver is the closest to standard - the best combination of distance and forgiveness for most golfers. It is the most forgiving driver in the Rogue ST family, with a built-in slight draw bias. The tungsten weight in the back is 26 grams to launch the ball high and maintain forgiveness.

The Callaway Rogue ST Max LS

Next is the Rogue ST Max LS standing for Low Spin. Compared to the Max driver, the Max LS will put less spin on the ball; it'll have a more neutral (as in neither high nor low flight) setup as standard and therefore be more workable.

It's important to note that while some low spin drivers are aimed toward better players, the Rogue ST Max LS is not one of those. The Tungsten weight is now 23 grams, which helps move CG slightly forward compared to the standard Max head, but there's still loads of forgiveness, and this will suit a broad range of handicaps.

The Callaway Rogue ST Max D

The Rogue ST Max D is the Draw biased version. The Max D has both a visible weight on the outside and more you can't see on the inside. A default upright lie angle gives the driver a built-in draw bias.

In this model, the tungsten weight at the back is down to 20 grams, and the head shape is slightly elongated for more forgiveness. It'll look slightly closed at address, be super easy to launch and be effective in taking the right side (for an RH golfer) out of play.

The Callaway Rogue ST Max Triple Diamond

And finally, the Rogue ST Max Triple Diamond LS again for Low Spin, but this one is the real "better player" version. It's the lowest spinning Rogue ST model and has a 450cc compact head shape with neutral-to-fade bias. It's genuinely a spin killer for players who need to drop spin and are willing to forego forgiveness to achieve that.

How to adjust the Callaway Opti-Fit hosel

Having differentiated between all the models, what we can adjust in whatever Rogue ST driver you choose is loft and lie. They all have the same Opti-Fit hosel, and all you will need to change them is an adjustment wrench.

Now before you start, look at the markings on the hosel. You'll see a little hyphen at either end of the hosel. Between these, you have a top and a bottom cog with letters and numbers. The factory default setting is S for stated loft on the lower cog and N for neutral on the upper cog. The Golden Rule when adjusting the Opti-Fit hosel is to have these little lines lined up at all times!

How to open the Callaway Opti-Fit hosel

The Callaway Opti-FIt hosel

Look at the opening and locking mechanisms of the screws. To open or loosen the shaft screw in your driver, place the wrench into the top of the screw and turn anti-clockwise. To tighten the screw, you turn it clockwise.

When fully tightened, an audible "CLICK" will let you know the sleeve is safely locked in place and to avoid over-tightening.

Go ahead and open the shaft screw.

When fully opened, the head can be easily removed from the shaft. You'll notice the top and bottom cogs can turn independently of each other, and these indicate some of the different loft and lie options you can choose. You can add up to 2 degrees of loft or go 1 degree lower. Then for each loft, you can choose an N for neutral and a D for draw.

The key to setting up the Optifit hosel is to focus on finding your desired loft first. It's important to note that "S" for stated loft and +1 degrees are marked on the bottom cog, and -1 and +2 degrees are marked on the top cog.

Let's say you want to hit the driver a little higher and keep the same lie angle. To add 1 degree of loft, go to the bottom cog and line up +1 with the little hyphen. You can now turn the top cog (it's like a little jigsaw) to one of the two options that fit - N for neutral and D for a draw.

Conversly, if you wanted to flight the ball a little lower, maybe add a little draw bias? You would first spin the top cog until -1 lines up with this hyphen, then spin the bottom cog to D.

So that is how to adjust your Calalway Rogue ST driver. First, pick the model that will suit you best and then dial in your loft and lie with the Opti-Fit hosel adjustment.

When can you adjust your driver?

Remember, you can adjust your driver on the range or at any time before or after your round, just not during it!

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