How to adjust your Callaway Epic Sub Zero driver

The Callaway Epic Sub Zero driver compliments the standard Epic and together were massively successful for the brand. More speed and distance are derived from a triaxial carbon crown, titanium sole and the thin face braced by Jailbreak Technology. And on top off all this technology, there was loads of adjustability - loft, lie, and spin - thanks to the ingenious Optifit hosel and weight ports. Our guide breaks all elements down to make sure you get the most out of your Epic Sub Zero driver.

All the adjustments are made using the wrench you'll have received with your driver. To loosen a screw, place the wrench into the top and turn anti-clockwise. To tighten any screw, turn it clockwise. When fully tightened, there will be an audible "CLICK" to let you know the sleeve is safely locked in place and to avoid over-tightening.

Before you open your driver, take a look at the markings on the hosel. You'll notice two hyphens between which the current setting is displayed.

When fully opened, the head can be easily removed from the shaft. You'll notice the top and bottom cogs can turn independently of each other and indicate some of the different loft and lie options you can choose. You can add up to 2 degrees of loft or go 1 degree lower. For each loft, you can choose an N for neutral and a D for draw setting. The S stands for standard or stated loft printed on the driver.

From here, the process is a simple one. Find your desired combination and piece the two cogs together like a jigsaw, remembering to line them up on the hyphen on the shaft side of the hosel. The two cogs will only fit together in one of the possible combinations. The driver head will then slot back on and when tightened up to the 'CLICK' is ready to play.

As well as hosel adjustability the Epic Sub Zero has a pair of weight ports on the sole. One weight will be heavier than the other, and this is the key to changing the spin dynamics of your driver.

With the heavier weight in the front port, spin is going to be lowered by about 300rpm. This setting will encourage a lower, more penetrating flight. This setting suits the better players who centre strike it most of the time.

With the heavier weight in the back, the spin will increase and make the driver as stable and forgiving as possible.

It is important to remember you can adjust your driver on the range or at any time before or after your round, just not during it!