How Do Stewart Golf Refurbish Trolleys?

At Golfbidder we're delighted to give all reconditioned and refurbished Stewart Golf X Series trolleys a new home. But what exactly goes into the process to get them ready for resale?

Stage 1 - Visual Inspection

The initial stage of the process is a visual inspection of the trolley. All structural components are checked to make sure they're sound with no damage, and all bodywork undergoes inspection for marks and cracks. Any parts that are not up to Stewart's exacting standards get replaced.

Stage 2 - Functionality Check

The next stage is to check the working status of the trolley. Once turned on, every function on the remote is tested to see it is working as it should. Once complete, if applicable, the Follow function is checked to see the if it activates and then turns off as expected based on the remotes distance from the trolley and outside Stewart's minimum levels of safety.

Stage 3 - Battery Health Check

One of the most critical parts of any electric trolley is the battery and Stewart take this very seriously when refurbishing their X Series trolleys for resale on Golfbidder. The battery is fully discharged and then charged up to its maximum capacity. If the battery does not charge to 100% (as it would when new), it is replaced with one that does.

Stage 4 - Strip Down, Inspection, and Valet

The trolley is taken apart, and all 151 parts are individually inspected by hand to check for damage or any other discrepancy they have against a brand new model. The trolley is also thoroughly cleaned and polished.

Stage 5 - Replacement, Reassembly, and Retesting

Any part identified in the previous stage are replaced with brand new components before all 151 parts of the trolley are reassembled. Once the trolley is back together, it is then retested to make sure all remote and follow functions are working as expected. Finally, the trolley is placed in a box with a new battery charger and handset charger. The reconditioning is now complete.

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