New Titleist golf club releases in early 2020

Titleist SM8 Wedges


No other wedge is crafted by the master, Bob Vokey. The Titleist Vokey SM8 is back backed by (what Titleist regards) as the best R&D in the world. The SM8 wedges represent the most advanced expression of the Vokey Design DNA ever.

The Vokey SM8 wedge features, for the first time, a centre of gravity that is pushed forward from the face. The new CG location is achieved through the use of high-density tungsten, to produce a more consistent, pure strike that delivers superior distance when it matters.

The CG is also progressive as you move through the lofts. The lower lofts will have a higher CG location to encourage a consistent strike on full shots, while the lower lofts will have a lower CG location for the finesse shots with slower clubhead speed. In the new SM8, by maintaining the vertical, progressive centre of gravity, while improving the CG depth, the wedges have improved feel and stability, resulting in closer proximity to the hole.

Vokey wedges offer the broadest mix of grinds and lofts available. The range delivers the flexibility and versatility to cover any shot, from any lie, in any conditions.

  • F Grind: All Purpose Grind for Full Wedge Shots
  • M Grind: Multi-purpose grind for versatility
  • S Grind: Narrow & Versatile
  • D Grind: The Player's High Bounce Wedge
  • L Grind: Precision for Skilled Shotmakers
  • K Grind: The Ultimate Bunker Club

Finally, as each new Vokey line improves on the last, one thing remains the same. Every Spin Milled groove is inspected to ensure it delivers the quality and precision you expect.

Titleist T100S Irons


Developed as a direct result of player feedback and the engineering the introduction of the all-new Titleist T100S irons meets the need for a fully-forged player’s iron with stronger lofts to produce greater distance. Each iron is individually calibrated with 2-degree stronger lofts to give better players the distance they need while preserving the feel and precision required for superior shot shaping.

“T100S was developed as a Player’s Distance iron with an emphasis on the word Player’s. We’ve taken the most popular irons on the PGA Tour and carefully engineered them to maximise distance,” - Josh Talge, Vice President, Titleist Golf Club Marketing.

“our engineers went back and redesigned each individual iron to give these players the stronger lofts and distance they’re looking for, while preserving the performance of that pure forged shape and sole.”

** More info to follow. **

Titleist T400 Irons


The new Titleist T400 irons give moderate golfers with moderate swing speed the most forgiving Titleist experience possible. An advanced split sole design, super-thin face and wide body, hollow head construction fortified by high-density tungsten help golfers effortlessly launch it higher and hit it farther.

“T400 is the super distance Titleist iron. This club is engineered to get the ball in the air and launch it as far as possible, even when the strike isn’t perfect,” Josh Talge, Vice President of Marketing, Titleist Golf Clubs.

“There are so many golfers, particularly players with moderate swing speeds, who can benefit from this technology. T400 gets the absolute most out of your swing while still providing the playability of a Titleist iron along with that look, sound and feel that dedicated players demand.”

** More info to follow. **

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