New Yonex golf club releases in early 2020

For 2020 Japanese sports brand Yonex is bringing 'Explosive Graphite Speed' to the golf industry via their new EZONE GS family – a forgiving, super distance range of golf clubs designed for mid-handicap golfers.

At Yonex HQ in Japan, a dedicated product team committed to over two years of research and development to produce clubs of the quality Yonex fans expect. Using high-quality Yonex graphite materials in both clubhead and shaft, the GS range delivers innovation through technology and quality through incredible standards of craftsmanship.

Yonex EZONE GS Driver


The EZONE GS driver features a high-tensile, Honeycomb Structure Graphite Crown which allows more flex than ever before at the top of the driver's face. A matte finish shows off the gaphite on the crown of the club.

On the sole of the club, a second-generation Power Groove allows maximum repulsion from low on the clubface. This combination of technologies has created a high-flexing, high-speed face with an enlarged sweet spot and optimum speeds regardless of strike location.

Yonex's unique Vertical Polish on the driver's face lets the golf ball slide upwards at impact, dramatically reducing the amount of sidespin for higher launching and straighter drives.

Yonex EZONE GS Fairway Woods and Hybrids


The propriety technologies in the EZONE GS driver (Honeycomb Structure Graphite Crown and Power Groove Sole) carry over to the matching fairway and hybrid. Like in the driver, these technologies deliver increased ball speed from all areas of the clubface, resulting in greater distance.

Yonex's Groove Flow Concept optimises ball flight for each club and to promote accuracy. The fairway woods and hybrids have a diagonal groove which generates less sidespin and consistent backspin from all lies.

Yonex EZONE GS Irons


A four-piece graphite-hybrid iron structure has been designed especially for the EZONE GS iron set. A blend of a mild carbon steel body, tungsten sole plate, carbon insert and maraging steel face deliver maximum ball speed and distance.

Yonex's continued advancement in new materials and technology create 10% greater distance from strikes lower on the clubface. The graphite insert acts as a damper amongst the harder metals to enhance playability and improve feel on mis-hits.

Yonex EZONE GS Shafts


Yonex manufactures the shafts for their golf clubs themselves to create a greater synergy between all components. The EX-330 shaft in the EZONE GS weighs just 53g (regular flex driver shaft) and is manufactured using layers of Yonex's super-premium graphite that promotes faster transitions for increased clubhead speeds and unrivalled repeatability.

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