The best irons for under £500 (July 2021)

If your budget is a healthy £500 for a set of irons, here are five possible options from the hundreds of sets we have in stock.

Callaway EPIC irons

Callaway EPIC irons

The Callaway EPIC irons from 2017 are unique because it was around that time that PXG was getting popular, and established brands like Callaway had to come with higher-end products to compete.

The brief was simple - no limits on material costs or the time taken.

The resulting EPIC irons have an Exo Cage construction which stiffens the topline and sole to allow the face to flex more at impact and impart more energy back into the ball. The result is higher ball speeds and more distance. Think of it as Jailbreak technology in an iron. The hollow hosel body and a 360 Face Cup retain ball speed on off-centre hits.

These irons were built from top to bottom without limits, making them very expensive when new (£1000+), but are now available for under £500.

TaylorMade P770 irons

Another set of irons over the £1000 mark when they were new were the TaylorMade P770 irons. An evolution of the P750 Tour Proto irons (favoured by Jon Rahm) constructed from premium materials with precision manufacturing and now available for under £500.

The P770 irons feature compact heads geared towards the better player and have a small cavity back for stability and forgiveness. A tungsten bar in the 3-7 lower the CG makes these irons launch higher than the traditional better player irons.

The P770's are gorgeous, simple, superbly well made and if you're a low single figure player, they are a super iron for you.

Mizuno JPX919 Forged irons

Mizuno JPX919 Forged irons

Next, for under £500, what about a set of Mizuno JPX919 forged irons? We also have the JPX919's in Tour and Hot Metal but let's talk about the Forged model because it has an excellent appeal from single figures and up.

The JPX919 family followed the Mizuno JPX900 irons, which were phenomenally successful with three Major wins with a guy Mizuno didn't even pay to use them! The JPX919's became a refinement on these - thinner toplines, hotter faces, faster ball speeds, and generally better.

The JPX919 Forged irons are made from Mizuno's 1025 Boron, and while you never expect huge "distance" from forged irons, these have that bit extra. The undercut cavity is precisely milled out to increase the size of the sweet spot across the entire face making these among the most forgiving players irons you can get.

So if you want compact and safe players iron, the Mizuno JPX919 forged is a lovely iron.

Titleist 716 AP2 irons

Next up are the Titleist 716 AP2 irons, and although these are the oldest irons in our selection, don't let that deter you, especially when you consider Titleist's 2-year release cycle.

We know how popular these irons were on Tour in guys' hands who want feel and workability plus forgiveness.

High tungsten content low on the heel and toe made them highly stable and forgiving on off-centre hits. Add in a nice concealed pocket cavity, a little bit of offset and head size that is generous for a Tour iron and these Titleist 716 AP2's remain a super iron today with a broad appeal.

Cobra T-Rail irons

Cobra T-Rail irons

Finally, for something completely different because we have mentioned a few "better player" sets. If you are out to enjoy your game of golf and need a bit of game improvement help from your irons, take a look a the Cobra T-Rail irons ?

Hollow construction and distance at their core make the T-Rail irons longer and easier to launch than your average iron. Think of them more as hybrids.

The baffler rails on the sole make the club sit perfectly behind the ball and cut through the turf with ease. The face has Cobra's E9 technology, which gives you a great strike across a huge face area.

The five iron will be a hybrid in the full set, with the hollow and friendly headed shorter irons for the remaining clubs in the set.

Fancy something else?

These are just a few of the iron sets available on Golfbidder for under £500. To view the full range, click here.

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