How Often Do I Need New Golf Clubs?

It's fair to say that you want to know that the golf clubs and equipment you're using is as good as your playing partners when you're standing on the first tee. None of us wants to be at a disadvantage because of our equipment.

Your immediate thoughts might be along the lines of "yes, I would love to change my clubs or have new clubs, but that's going to be very expensive.".

But, take a minute to consider golf club technology. It advances in increments, often very slowly from one release to the next, and you'll find that you don't always have to buy "brand new" and expensive golf clubs to have the latest technology and best equipment.

This approach could be the difference between paying £400 for a brand new driver instead of around half that (£200) for a pre-owned driver with almost identical technology.

New to you does not have to mean "brand new".

Look at the Tour

TaylorMade M1 2017 driver

For instance, Justin Rose played the 2021 Masters with a 2017 TaylorMade M1 driver. Bryson DeChambeau, arguably one of the longest hitters in the game, used a 2015 Cobra King Ltd Pro driver at the 2021 Players Championship.

Marginal gains

The golf industry is driven by sales. Every new club billed as being far better than anything before it - it's all part of the dance. But people inside the industry will tell you if you have a two-year-old driver or irons and change them out for brand new ones, you'd not expect much difference in terms of additional quality or distance.

However, if you have a 7-year-old driver and change it out for a 2-year-old driver, you're into the territory of big jumps in performance. Big differences in distance, quality of manufacture, quality of materials used in the crown and face, more adjustability options, and the list goes on.

Again "new" to you does not have to mean "brand new" to get huge benefits.

Hidden benefits

Moving from a 7-year-old driver to a 2-year-old driver not only unlocks five years of research and development, but you're also benefiting from the savings available in pre-owned clubs! A saving that might allow you to upgrade not only your driver, but your fairway wood and hybrid, too!

Drivers are the driving force

The differences in clubs from release to release are best seen with drivers because those clubs benefit from most research and development, and their size allows designers and engineers to get more creative.

If you look at the flow from TaylorMade through their M1 to M6 drivers, you'll see small incremental gains from year to year rather than big jumps in performance from one to the next.

TaylorMade SIM2 driver

But now and then, like all industries, you do see a jump – for example from the SLDR to M1 in 2016, or more recently from the M6 to SIM in 2020.

The TaylorMade SIM driver is an excellent example of where technology is at right now - the very best in aerodynamics coupled with incredible precision in build quality. Many club experts would argue this is a jump forward in technology and an unlocking of something sought after for years.

But what followed for 2021? The SIM2 - and the increments start again - small improvements on the SIM.

Use this knowledge

Knowing and understanding the incremental improvement flow that when it comes to changing your golf clubs will open up a world of possibilities for "new" clubs to you that are not "brand new".

Of course, though, everybody loves new things and don't be discouraged from buying brand new golf clubs if you do have the budget.

Back to the point

How often do you need to change your golf clubs? If your set is 5, 6, 7-years-old (or even older), it's certainly worth considering getting new to your golf clubs as you will see gains - no doubt!. If you upgraded a few years ago, it might be worth waiting for one of the bigger "jumps" in development.

But if you want something new, who are we to stop you?!?!

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