How much does a golf bag weigh?

Golf is an excellent form of exercise! You're so distracted and upset by crooked drives and putts that lipped out that you don't even notice you've walked over 4-miles! But if you are carrying your golf bag around that distance, you sometimes do feel it. The hands, arms, shoulders and back needed for carrying are all engaged in the golf swing, and if they get weary and tired, this can adversely affect your game.

And it's on that note, here at Golfbidder, we decided to investigate how much your golf bag weighs? Donal got to work with the entire contents of his golf bag and his kitchen scales. All weight in grams.

Lightweight stand bag 1290g
Driver 445g
Other woods 825g
Single iron 445g
All irons and wedges (10) 4570g
Putter 782g
Bag and clubs total 7912 (7.9kg)
Range finder 319g
Balls (6) 295g
Umbrella 975g
Towel, hat, sweater, accessories 694g
Water and snacks 618g
Accessories total (inc umbrella) 2901g (2.9kg)
Accessories total (without umbrella) 1926g (1.9kg)
Total bag (inc umbrella) 10813g (10.8kg)
Total bag (without umbrella) 9838g (9.8kg)

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