WINTER EDITION - What else should you carry in your golf bag?

It's winter, conditions are very different from Summer, so what are the essential items you need to have in your bag get the most from your Winter golf?


There's no point complaining about the rain, it is going to fall in the winter months, but if you're prepared for it there is absolutely no reason that it should take from your enjoyment of the game. And to that end good waterproof gear is essential.

What should you look for in rain gear? Firstly are they completely waterproof? Look for a guarantee when buying waterproofs, the best brands will offer it. You get what you pay for works very well in this instance. Second, your waterproof gear needs to be such that you can still swing as required while wearing it. There's no point turning up at the course in the best North Sea fishing oilskins!

Staying warm is also important, and a functional base layer is a super winter accessory. A stretchy first layer, often with a high neck that keeps you warm yet doesn't impede your swing. The best base layers also have wicking properties that remove moisture away from the skin as you warm up and start to sweat.

Finally there the additional items such as a snood and the beanie.

Winter Gloves

Your hands and the grip is the only connection to your golf club, and we all know what happens if you lose your grip - the clubhead opens, closes, snags and all manner of nasty things ensue. And of course, on a wet day, the risk is more significant. That's where winter golf gloves come in. Winter gloves usually come in a pair, and if and when they get wet then winter gloves get grippier!

Cold Weather Mitts and Hand Warmers

There's nothing worse than when your hands get so cold that your fingers freeze up. That's where a good pair of warm golf mitts are great. Hit your shot and pop your hand back into your mittens when walking down the fairway. Add a little charcoal pocket hand warmer for some additional warmth!

Lightweight Stand Bag

Conditions can get soft wet and sometimes downright filthy on parts of the course during the winter and sometimes staff have no choice but to ban buggies to preserve the course. That might leave you having to carry your golf bag. In that case, a light waterproof carry bag with a good rain hood is what you will need.

Winter Golf Shoes and Cleats

The whole world of golf shoe fashion has exploded over the past number of years, and while most models work great in the summer months, in the winter, you will want to get back to basics and think functionality.

Your shoes will get wet, they'll get dirty and muddy. So in choosing your winter golf shoes, consider pairs that again are guaranteed waterproof and have proper cleats on the sole to keep you stable during the shot.

Quality Umbrella

A good golf umbrella is an investment for life. The best ones are super stable, designed for wind and rain and have a huge canopy to keep everything dry.

Hi Vis Balls

There's nothing as infuriating in golf as when you hit a perfectly good drive down the middle, get down there and cannot see your ball. You know its there, you hit it down the middle, but there are leaves, and there is sun, and they are hiding your ball! That's where high visibility balls come into their own.

All the big brands make a high visibility version and performance-wise they are the same. A high vis ball stands out more, and if your playing partners roast you for using a yellow ball, wait until they lose their ball, and offer one of yours!


Always bring 2 or 3 towels if it's wet - one for the outside of the bag to clean balls and clubs and dry towels on the inside to keep hands, face and exposed bits dry.

Accessories Pocket

In addition to all the basic such as tees and markers always bring a bigger stronger pitch mark repair tool in the winter as plug marks can be very big and need more attention to repair.

Bring the driver adjustor tool too, just in case you want a higher ball flight off the tee when there's no run on the fairway.

Winter doesn't always mean rain and a good pair of low light sunglasses should be in your bag. The sun sits lower in the sky during winter months, and it can be more intense on a clear day.

Bonus Round - Hip Flask

Finally for the times when you're stone-cold frozen solid, and the group ahead are taking forever to play the par-3, don't forget your flask of coffee - or stronger - it might just be a lifesaver!

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