What's included in a golf package set???

Buying your first set of golf clubs can be an intimidating process. There are thousands to choose from, and subsequently, millions of different combinations you can make from your allowance of fourteen clubs.

The great news is there's a simple solution to this problem - package sets. One decision, one box, everything you need to get started - from a driver though to a putter, and even a bag, all in matching livery and all at a very reasonable price.

Why buy a package set?

As we touched on above, the simple one-box solution a package set provides deliveries several additional benefits.

Everything matches: All the clubs in the set will match. Not only in terms of look but also weight, length, lie, feel, even the shafts and grips. All of this will help breed consistency in your game from day one.

No compromises: Getting into golf can be expensive if you build your bag from individual clubs, which could lead to you having to make sacrifices based on your budget - perhaps only being able to afford 6-8 clubs at the beginning. A package set gives you everything you need to get going on the links with the ability to swap out specific clubs as your game improves.

You still have a choice: Although you cannot pack the included clubs, there is still some element of choice within the package set market - more on this below.

What's in the box?

For this article's propose, we're using the Men's Wilson Reflex set as an example.

Driver: At the top of the bag, you have a full 460cc titanium construction driver, used off the tee on longer holes. The full 460cc head will provide maximum forgiveness, while the graphite shaft will reduce weight to allow you to swing the club faster and generate more ball speed.

Other Woods: As well as a driver, there are two further woods included - a 3-wood and a 5-hybrid. The 3-wood can be an alternative off the tee or off the fairway for second shots if you've still got a long way to the green.

The hybrid is slightly different as this is more iron-like in its performance and is a much easier hit replacement for the 5-iron, which is not included in the set.

Both of these clubs will have the same graphite shaft as the driver for consistency across the three clubs and will come with a headcover to protect these more fragile clubs.

Irons, inc. Wedges: The irons included in this set range from 6-iron to sand wedge, a total of six clubs. The irons have oversize heads with a large sweet spot for maximum forgiveness. They will also have a deep cavity and extreme perimeter weighting to enhance forgiveness further.

The irons in the men's Reflex set will come with a steel shaft; graphite sets are available within other package sets.

Putter: The last club in the bag is the putter - a classic Anser blade-style head with visual alignment aid to help you line putts up.

Bag: Included in the Wilson Reflex boxed set is a full-sized stand bag. The bag has a 7-way top for easy club organisation and a double strap to make carrying it as easy and comfortable as possible. Also included are plenty of pockets for all your additional accessories.

Other specs, inc. Ladies

There is no 'standard' within the package set market, so be sure to check the description of the set you're browsing to make sure it has the club you want. For example, one set might be cheaper because it has one less club, rather than lesser quality.

Unless otherwise stated within the product description, the standard for package sets sold on Golfbidder is Mens Right Handed Steel - this means they're men's specs, for right-handed golfers, with graphite shafted woods, steel-shafted irons and include a stand bag.

Other options available:

  • A set listed as 'Graphite' will have graphite shafts in all the clubs and usually have a cart bag.
  • A set listed as Ladies will have slightly shorter clubs, different livery, and a cart bag.
  • Set listed as +1 or Long will have shafts that are longer than standard for taller golfers.
  • Most of the above are also available in a left-handed option.
  • Finally, there is junior package sets available. These are sold either by age group or child height.

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