Adjust The TaylorMade R1 Driver

The TaylorMade R15 was and still is one of the most adjustable drivers out in the market place. Adjustable hosel for loft alterations, moveable weighting for moving the ball in the air and a sole place on the base to alter lie angle and look at address. These three factors result in an almost infinite number of combination to get the R15 dialled in to your swing for maximum distance and more fairways.

The first thing to get right is the loft. The sleeve on the R15 is plus or minus 1.5-degrees from the stated loft. If you’re looking for a higher launch angle, then simply set this using the ‘+’ symbol and vice versa. To physically do this, use the wrench provided and unscrew the shaft from the head. Once the two are disconnected you can rotate the shaft to the new location and put back into place. Tighten the shaft screw back up until the wrench clicks. This indicates the shaft is secured and your driver is now set to the loft required.

The next stage of alterations is the lie angle which is controlled using the sole plate. There are seven setting in total, neutral, 3x closed and 3x open. To alter this, use the wrench provided to loosen the sole plate. This will not detach from the club head. Once loose simply move round until the new location is adjacent to the arrow on the sole and tighten back up – making sure you hear the click from the wrench.

The final adjustment is linked to cg location. There are two weights and two weight ports on the R1 driver. One will contain a heavier 10-gram weight and the other a lighter 2-gram weight. Putting the heavier in the toe or heel will alter the ball flight. Placing it in the toe will promote a fade, and placing it in the heel will promote a draw. These weights simply unscrew from the club head using the wrench provided. When they’re back in and you’ve heard the click you’re all set to test your new and improved R1.

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