Adjust The Titleist 915 Driver

So you’ve bought the Titleist 915 driver and you’re trying to adjust it to get the right settings for your golf swing. Bret Porath, Director of Club Fitting at Titleist – the man who fits the Tour players – takes us through the very easy to follow system of letters and numbers to dial in your new driver.

The Titleist fitting chart has letters (A-D) and numbers (1-4) that create 16 different options to how your driver can be set up. The standard position is A1 and should be where you start. Once you have done this and know what you want to change you can start looking at the grid. To make the ball go higher, you’ll look at combinations that are higher on the grid and if you want to hit more of a fade then you’ll look to the right – it’s really that simple. So to hit a high fade for example you’d want to try B4 or C4 and then tune from there depending on the results.

To actually make the changes to the hosel you’ll need to use the wrench included with your driver to loosen the screw at the bottom of the shaft. Once the shaft is disconnected from the head (no need to completely remove) you simply move the two independent dials to your desired letter, number combination. Once the hosel is in the new position place the butt of the club on the ground to anchor it, place the head back in position and tighten the screw back up. Tighten until you hear the click from the wrench. This is built in to the tool to avoid over tightening, and if you’ve not heard it, you’ve not tightened enough. Once it’s clicked you’re ready to go.

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