The Benefits Of Knowing Your Numbers

There has been a huge trend in recent years towards stats in golf with the dawn of launch monitors means golfers are becoming more knowledgeable about what exactly effects the flight of a golf ball. This is never more important than when looking to buy a driver. There are so many variables – it’s not as simple as loft and flex – spin rates, launch angles, shaft weight and length all need to be taken into consideration to make sure you get the right driver for your game.

Other, personally controlled, variables such as swing speed and face angle are also critical in the equation. Add all of these together and there is an infinite number of set up combinations to filter through to find the driver for your game.

However, if you know a little about your game and swing (even as little as swing speed) you’ll find it much easier to find the right driver for you, and not be stuck trying to hit something that is not the right club for your game. The more you know about your swing the easier it will be to find a driver. If you know you’ve got a fast swing speed and low spin rate, then a high lofted driver with a stiffer shaft might be right for you. If you’ve got a slow swing speed and low launch angle, then a softer shaft and high loft that puts more spin on the ball to help launch will be right for you.

Sometimes it is the clubs fault so take advantage of our 7-day trial on all used clubs to find the right driver for you.

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