Start A Family With Your Driver, Fairway And Hybrid

You might be thinking “what are they talking about down at Golfbidder HQ?” but please bear with us, it’ll all make sense soon. Essentially what we mean when we say start a family is to match your driver, fairway and hybrid – for example all TaylorMade M1. You see this all the time on the PGA and European Tour and not just because they’re contracted to do so.

Golf clubs that fall under the same model name will feature the same performance characteristics as each other – as they’re built by the same company and designed by the same team each year. These similar characteristics will make the performance comparable too. So if you’ve got a driver you like and does what you want then it makes sense the fairway wood that matches will suit your eye too. Match the shaft too to get the ultimate combination at the top of your bag.

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