Can More Loft Result In More Distance?

The equation that results in more driver distance on the face of it seems a simple one; high launch and low spin. However, when we delve deeper all it not as simple at it appears.

Manufacturers can send the ball higher off the face by lowering the centre of gravity and increasing the loft, no problem, apart from the added spin this imparts on the ball, thus decreasing the overall distance. And when they try for the other, moving the centre of gravity up and forward to lower the spin the ball does not get up in the air as easily, as spin help with this as well as loft.

So what should the blend of spin and launch be? This comes down to a number of factors and is going to be different for everyone. Thankfully adjustable drivers have made it easy for golfer to play on the range with their set up and find a spin and launch combination that suits their swing.

So more loft is not necessarily going to mean the ball does not travel a shorter distance, it might actually help you hit it further, it all depends on the spin you’ve imparted on the ball too. Find the right combination and you’ll pick up yards over night. So take advantage of the Golfbidder 7-day trial on our used clubs and get testing to find the right driver for your game.

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