Driver Jargon Busting

Driver: The longest club in that bag used to tee off on par-4s and par-5s. This club will go further than any other in your bag.

Club Head: The head of your driver is going to be bigger than all of your other clubs. This increases the forgiveness of the club and allows engineers to pack it full of technology.

Shaft: The shaft of your driver will be longer than the others in your bag to help generate higher club head speeds for increased distance.

Adjustability: The majority of drivers now feature some degree of adjustability. The simplest of which is the ability to change the loft. Some allow for lie angle and centre of gravity to be moved also.

Wrench: Tool supplied to make adjustments to the driver.

Headcover: Protective cover for your club to prevent damage to the paint work and retain its value.

Moment of Inertia (MOI): How much the head will rotate in your hands if you hit the ball off centre. The higher the number the better, however there is a limit.

Headsize: The vast majority of drivers are 460cc in volume as this is the maximum limit set by the USGA and R&A. However, some manufacturers make a smaller head size, around 440cc, as some better players prefer the smaller profile.

Centre of Gravity Location: Sometimes called CG, the location of this determines what shot is going to result from the golf club. Engineers spend a lot of time trying to move it lower and further back as this is the optimum forgiveness location. Some adjustable drivers feature weights that allows the user to locate the CG themselves.

CoR Measurement: The Coefficient of Restitution is the measure of how much energy comes out of an impact verses how much was put in. This is sometimes called the trampoline effect and is limited to 0.83 in golf club design. However, this measure has been replaced by CT measurement.

CT Measurement: Similar to CoR, Characteristic Time tests measure how long a pendulum is in contact with the face. The higher this number the springier or ‘hotter’ the face and more distance it produces.

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