Buying The Right Driver For You: An Overview

The driver you have in your bag is going to be the club you use for your first shot on most of the holes you play – you need to trust it. Getting off the tee consistently can make the game of golf much easier, so finding a driver you can find fairways with is key to scoring well and lowering your handicap. So what is it you need to consider before purchasing? There are two main forces that will be involved in the decision making process; the drivers head and shaft.

The head of your driver is what you’re going to be looking at when stood over the ball so you need to like the look of it and it needs to inspire confidence and allow you to hit a good shot. The head is also going to be the only bit of the club that hits the ball so the sound and feel need to be to your taste too as this is what is going to give you additional feedback, as well as the obvious visuals.

The shaft is what connects you to the head of your driver so you need to make sure it suits your swing and delivers the head back square to the ball for a nice straight drive. Like wands in Harry Potter it could be said that a shaft finds the golfer, not the other way round. Your golf swing is unique and what is right for your playing partner might not be right for you, and like this, two different shafts in the same head can result in drastically different shots.

Finding the right head and shaft combination can take time, but when you get it right your golf will improve over night. Watch our video below for more information and browse our other articles for more in depth discussion on what we’ve mentioned here.

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