The Doc's top-5 drivers of all time

Thomas Tanner
Nov 30, 2021
3 minutes
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With over 2,500+ new and second-hand drivers to choose from at Golfbidder HQ The Doc had a real job on his hands when we asked him to pick his top-5 of all time. But after much deliberation, he came up with the list below. We'll come back to this in the future to see if any new technology changes his mind.

5. Callaway Big Bertha Titanium 454

The original Big Bertha was the first titanium headed golf club - and it took the world by storm! It was amazing! Callaway released this updated version in 2004, combining the best bits of the original with better manufacturing processes and better materials.

And it was long. Dave Mobley took one to the World Long Drive Championship and won with a driver of 377 yards - how times have changed!

4. Nike Vapor Fly

We don't think any of us fully appreciated Nike golf clubs until it was too late. Yes, they had huge budgets, but they got their clubs into the hands of the best players in the world. It's not all about money, surely?

The Nike Vapor Fly driver was the last cab off the rank and carried Tony Finau to win his first PGA Tour title as well as being in the bag of Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods.

The striking blue and Volt finish highlighted the stabilising cavity back, bracing bars, seed channel, and a super-thin crown. It had all the technology of the best drivers of the era - so why did they 'fail'?

3. Ping G410

We have picked the Ping G410 driver here, but this could be any driver going back to the Ping Anser from 2012 when Ping cracked the code. Each drive since the Anser has evolved this theory - no need for carbon when nobody can match them in titanium.

The most recent Ping driver (G430, 2023) is a further evolution and is long, straight and Tour players love it.

2. Titleist 907D2

In our opinion, this is one of the most cosmetically perfect clubs ever! An ideal marriage of titanium and aluminium.

But for us, this club holds a special memory too. In 2007 Donal and a friend played 32 rounds in 32 days - one in each county of Ireland. They raised over 100k for charity and will never forget the experience.

1. TaylorMade M2

No need for a drum roll, and regular viewers will not be surprised with this choice. We've not been shy in our love for the TaylorMade M2 driver. This club changed the game for TaylorMade after a couple of turbulent years with the Jetspeed and SLDR.

It's rumoured the M1 and M2 were still in the drawer but were brought forward to reverse the slump. If true, what a decision that was!

Gorgeous to look at, it goes a mile and delivers out the box distance and forgiveness.

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