The best hybrids for under £100

Thomas Tanner
May 26, 2021
5 minutes
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If you're looking for a new hybrid and your budget is £100, then you've come to the right place. Here we're looking at five of the best value hybrids available on Golfbidder as of May 2021.

First, what is a hybrid?

The hybrid can be the most forgotten club in the golf bag. It's the bridge between your woods and irons, and when you need rescuing from a dodgy lie or a long way from the green, it's screaming, "hit me, hit me, I was made for this!".

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Srixon Z H85

We are kicking off with the Srixon Z H85 Hybrid. If you're not a fan of skinny or minimalist hybrids, then this one is right up your alley. Srixon doesn't market themselves as heavily as other brands, so let me do it for them; they are good, if not better, than anyone in terms of quality and materials.

The Srixon Z H85 hybrid head is big and chunky, not quite a fairway wood size, but heading in that direction. The oversized club head gives the engineers the ability to move mass away from the face, and in practical terms, this means a stable club that is less liable to twist and turn in the strike, making for a straighter ball flight.

Srixon Z U85

Very quickly on Srixon, we also have the U85 Utility Iron for under £100.

If you're not into hybrids but still need a 'bridger' club, the Z U85 is a great option. The smaller iron like clubhead is hollow, and it will send the ball much further than your longest iron.

Wilson Staff D7

If you (like me) are noticing your swing speed is slowing down, the Wilson Staff D7 Hybrid is a great option because it is designed to be light. The grip, the shaft, the cast pockets inside the crown all save weight so that the user can pick up any lost clubhead speed for the same input. The face on the D7 hybrid is Carpenter Custom 455 steel.

The D7 from Wilson is a good quality solid option for those who like light.

TaylorMade M2 2017

The M Series metal woods family for TaylorMade has become iconic, winning countless times on Tour (Richard Bland won the 2021 British Masters with an original M2 driver!).

The two-tone livery is gorgeous, but the real standout is the Speed Pocket which makes this hybrid long, easy to launch, forgiving, even if you don't flush it every time.

Callaway Big Bertha '19

If you're looking for a hybrid that's almost as big as a fairway wood, take a look at the Callaway Big Bertha 19 hybrid.

This hybrid has Jailbreak Technology which is essentially two vertical bars behind the face to stiffen the body, allowing it to absorb the load during the strike and then deliver it all back into the ball for speed and distance. To adapt this technology to produce results in a hybrid is very impressive.

Like the Wilson D7, the BB19 hybrid has a Carpenter 455 steel face wrapped around the crown.

Cobra KING F9 Speedback

Finally (and Donal's top pick from the video above) is the Cobra KING F9 Speedback hybrid which is packed full of technology.

The baffler rails on the sole cut through the grass and forces the club to sit square behind the ball. Starting square gives you a great chance in delivering it back square!

The weighting is bang on, too, with 15-grams of tungsten on the outside, low and back, exactly where it should be for the high ball flight you need with a hybrid.

A forged 455 high-strength stainless steel face smashes the ball for added distance.

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These five are just a few of the vast number of hybrids at Golfbidder for Under £100. Check out the full range (800+ at time of posting) here.

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In simple terms, a hybrid is a cross between a fairway wood and an iron. They are relatively new kids on the block – TaylorMade started the recent trend with their Rescue clubs (they still call their hybrid clubs Rescues) about 10 years ago – but now all the manufacturers are making them.

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