The best fairway woods for under £150

Thomas Tanner
Sep 04, 2021
5 minutes
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With the price of a brand new fairway wood edging closer and closer to £300 we had a look through the Golfbidder warehouse to see what you could add to your bag for around half that, and in some cases, far less than half!

These are the best fairway woods available for under £150.

TaylorMade M4

If you're after a proven winner and a club that has is just packed with tech, the TaylorMade M4 is it. Wrapped in a light carbon crown (that saves 8 grams versus steel), the Speed Pocket and Nickel Cobalt face combine to give the M4 tremendous ball speed and distance.

On the underside, you have split-weight pads to keep the large, forgiving clubhead stable in the strike.

Callaway Rogue

Anything TaylorMade do Callaway have an equal to, and their Rogue fairway wood is scary long thanks to its revolutionary Jailbreak Technology.

An ultra-thin crown, a carpenter steel face is cleverly cupped around the structure, and then the two are braced by Jailbreak Technology - two steel bars stiffening the body, readying it to be loaded in the strike and returning all that energy back into the ball.

If you want a high launch, low spin and field-leading distance, grab a Rogue fairway.

Titleist 917F2

If you're after a top fairway wood to bring to the range and adjust and tweak to suit your swing and game, then the Titleist 917F2 is an excellent option.

When you look down at the club at address, you see a nice large footprint in that traditional and reassuring Titleist shape. But turn the club over, and on the underside, you have the Active Recoil Channel for distance and ball speed, variable thickness face insert, and Sure Fit CG.

The 14-gram Sure Fit CG weight cartridge can be changed to set the club up for draws and fades. And on top of all this, there's Titleist's Sure Fit hosel for really fitting you into the right loft and lie.

Wilson Staff Launchpad

If you're one of the tens of thousands who play golf more for fun and enjoyment, are a game improver, or have just discovered golf post-covid, then give the Wilson launchpad a try.

It doesn't have the bells and whistles of a TaylorMade or Callaway, but Wilson is a respected golf brand with a tradition of quality. The Launchpad is a fairway wood with offset built into the head so that it sits a little closed (or anti-slice). Extra weighting in the heel to help keep the club square to the target line through impact.

If you want a slice killer and a quality club for a budget-friendly price, the Wilson Launchpad fairway might be it.

Cobra KING F9 Speedback

Cobra go under the radar a lot, but when it comes to innovation, they're up there with the very best and for well under £150, you can make the Cobra F9 Speedback fairway wood a super addition to your bag.

The face of the club is CNC Precision Milled to exact specs and as a result, gives much higher ball speeds than traditional polished faces. The crown is carbon and oozes class; the baffler rails make it sit perfect at address and help cut through turf. There's 15-grams of tungsten weighting low and back to make it easy to launch, and you even have hosel adjustability through Cobra's MyFly system.

The Cobra F9 Speedback fairway is the pick of the bunch.

These are just some of the fantastic fairway woods we have on offer for less than £150. To view the full range, click here.

All fairway woods were available on for under £150 at time of filming.

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