Everything you need to start playing golf for less than £500

Thomas Tanner
Oct 12, 2023
14 minutes
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Today we ask a simple question; can you buy everything you need to play golf for under £500? We believe so. 

At Golfbidder we aim to provide the best quality and value in used golf clubs across Europe, especially for new golfers and beginners. We hope this guide is helpful and gives you some tips and tricks in getting the best value from your golf equipment. 

You’re going to need some golf clubs

The rules of golf state that you can have up to 14 golf clubs in your bag, but in reality, you don’t need that many. As a beginner 8-10 clubs will be more than enough to start you on your golfing journey. 

What golf clubs should you look to have in your bag as a beginner?  
  • Driver; used off the tee and you’re going to want something super easy to hit. 
  • Irons; these will take up the majority of your bag and will allow you to hit specific distances. 
  • Wedges; these will be part of your iron set and will be used for shorter shots. 
  • Putter; the most important club in the bag is used to get the ball in the hole when you're on the green. 

Driver, Titleist 913D2, £87.00 

When looking for a driver as a beginner you want two things – forgiveness and stability.  

We picked out the Titleist 913D2 as it has both of these qualities. It is maxed out at 460cc which gives a confidence inspiring look at address while being incredibly stable on off-centre hits.  

The forgiveness comes from the weight at the back of the head which lowers the centre of gravity to get the ball in the air with ease, for longer and straighter drives. 

Titleist name oozes quality and you’ll do well to find a driver for better value in the whole Golfbidder warehouse! 

What you’ll love about the Titleist 913D2 driver:

  • Full 460cc profile for max confidence
  • Premium Titleist performance
  • Simple hosel adjustability

Get yours now from £79.99

What you’ll love about the Titleist 913D2 driver:

  • Full 460cc profile for max confidence
  • Premium Titleist performance
  • Simple hosel adjustability

Get yours now from £79.99

Irons, Wilson Di7 (5-SW), £135.00 

When buying a set of irons as a beginner you want to pay attention to the level of forgiveness and the number of clubs included (including wedges). 

For the forgiveness element you want to look for something called a cavity back. In these style irons all the weight is pushed to the perimeter to make the club head as stable as possible on off centre hits. There will also be some added mass added to the bottom of the cavity to lower the CG and get the ball launching high. 

In terms of the number for clubs, as a beginner we suggest looking for a set of irons from 5-iron to sand wedge. These 7 clubs will give you a club you can hit from anywhere up to 170-180 yards, down to small chip shots around the green. 

For our example set we’ve picked the Wilson Staff Di7 irons in 4-iron to sand wedge. They have a deep undercut cavity to generate extreme perimeter weighting for maximum forgiveness. And at £138.00 (or under £20 a club!) you’ll not find better value anywhere! 

What you’ll love about the Wilson Di7 irons:

  • Deep cavity for easy launch
  • Perimeter weighting for forgiveness
  • Sensational value

Get yours now from £138.99

What you’ll love about the Wilson Di7 irons:

  • Deep cavity for easy launch
  • Perimeter weighting for forgiveness
  • Sensational value

Get yours now from £138.99

Putter, Odyssey 2-Ball SRT, £89.00 

The putter is the most important golf club in your bag and as a beginner you want to look for two characteristics – stability and alignment.  

We could talk about lots of different options from all the major manufacturers but if we’re honest there is only one choice, a 2-Ball from Odyssey. 

The 2-Ball is the most famous alignment aid in golf and was originally designed as a practice tool by Dave Pelz. Now, more than 25 years on, it is still winning on the PGA Tour and in your monthly medal! 

The two disks form a line of three golf balls to make sure you’re lined up correctly, especially important on shorter putts, leaving you able to concentrate on your putting stroke. 

There are 100s of Odyssey putters with the 2-Ball alignment aid but in our example we opted for the SRT models which has bars around the putter head to act as stabilisers and keep the putter square as you make your putt.  

What you’ll love about the Odyssey White Hot 2-Ball putter:

  • Iconic alignment technology
  • Mallet style for stability
  • Soft insert for superior feel

Get yours now from £91.99

What you’ll love about the Odyssey White Hot 2-Ball putter:

  • Iconic alignment technology
  • Mallet style for stability
  • Soft insert for superior feel

Get yours now from £91.99

That’s the golf clubs part of our guide taken care of and just over £300 spent (£311.00) with £189 left in our pocket for a bag and other accessories.  

What else do you need to play golf? 

The accessories listed below are the bare essentials you need to get out on the golf course. We have a more comprehensive guide on what else you need to play golf which covers everything from bags and balls to clothing and headwear.  

Golf bag, £89.00 

As a beginner on a budget, you’re going to want to look for a lightweight stand bag. This will allow you to carry your golf clubs and not have any need for a trolley. A nice round £100 is a great budget for a golf bag which will last you years if you’re only playing once a week. 

As you only have 8-10 golf clubs you’re also not going to need a full size bag with dividers for every club so something like the Masters Velo stand bag is going to be perfect.  

There will be space for all your clubs and accessories and it’s light enough to carry, no problem.  

There are 100s of different golf bags available and if you wanted to spend a little more than the £69.99 on our example, we have a full guide on buying your next golf bag where we look at the different categories and features available.  

Golf balls, £13.00 per dozen 

As a beginner you need to come to terms with the fact that you’re going to loose a lot of golf balls and with this in mind we need to look for value. For £1-1.50 per ball you can get a great box of golf balls which will be perfect. 

In our everything for £500 bag we’re going to have a box of Srixon Distance golf balls. These balls are designed for the beginner golfer, with distance and durability top of the agenda. At £13-15 per dozen they’re great value and will give you a little boost when you tee up a brand new golf ball on the first hole.

Another tip for a beginner is to try and use the same golf ball all the time, regardless of brand and model. For more tips on buying golf balls, you can read our guide. 

Golf glove, £5.00 each 

You hand is the only connection between you and the golf club. As a beginner you want to make sure this connection is as secure as possible and a golf glove is the best way to do this.  

When shopping for a glove you’ll want to find the right balance between durability and value. An all-weather glove is the best way to do this. The majority of the glove is made from a synthetic material to keep costs down but the high ear areas (usually thumb and palm) are made from leather to increase durability. You might want to consider some elastic across the knuckle area, too. This will give the glove more stretch and provide a more comfortable fit.  

There are a couple of quirks in golf gloves to be aware of. Firstly, you only wear one gloves, and secondly you wear it on the opposite hand. For example a right handed golfer will only wear a glove on their left hand. Be sure to double check this when you’re buying any gloves. 

You can pick up a golf glove for about £5.00 and it’s a good idea to have a spare or two in your bag should they get wet – either with sweat or rain.  

Golf tees, £1.00 per bag 

Making the game as easy as possible is one thing we can be sure all golfers want to do. As a beginner one of the simplest (and cheapest) ways to do this is to hit the ball off a tee peg when you have the opportunity. 

The most popular tees are graduated (or castle) tees which put the ball at the same height every time. Look for a bag of pink ones which you’ll use when hitting your driver and a bag of green ones for when you hit irons on par-3s and shorter holes.  

That’s our golf bag full and we’ve got plenty of change from our £500. So what to spend the remaining on?  

Bonus buy #1, another golf club 

Although we think we’ve included enough clubs for any beginner to start playing golf with there is the possibility of adding another golf club to you bag with our remaining budget.  

The logical choice is that this club is what’s called a hybrid. A hybrid will be a great choice off the tee if you’re driver is not working (or if the hole is a little shorter) and also off the fairway our out the rough on longer approach shots.  

Hybrids are designed to be long iron replacements and have a bigger footprint to promote a sweeping action and stop the leading edge digging in to the ground. The larger club head allows the engineers move the weight low and back to help get the ball in the air as easily as possible.  

We’ve pick this Cobra hybrid which is available for £60 which means we’re taking over £20 away from our budget, maybe even be enough for your first green fee! 

Bonus buy #2, some golf shoes 

Another option with your reaming budget is to invest in a pair of golf shoes. We have assumed that as a beginner (and for the purpose of this guide) you already own the required clothing and footwear – mainly a collared shirt, tailored trousers and a pair of trainers. 

Some modern golf shoes are difficult to tell apart from trainers. The Flex shoes form FootJoy are a great example of this – superlight weight and comfortable while having a golf specific sole to stop you from slipping while you make your swing (something a regular pair of trainers won't have). 

The FJ Flex will cost you about £80, still leaving you with some change from our first £500 budget.  

What have we got for our money? 

So there you have it, confirmation that you can get everything you need to play golf for under £500. 

What have we bought?  
  • Driver 
  • Irons, inc. 2x wedges 
  • Putter 
  • Golf bag 
  • Golf balls, glove, tees 
  • Bonus: Hybrid or golf shoes 

This is the latest in a long line of buyers' guides. We’ve looked at all the essentials you need to play golf, what golf clubs you really need, as well as what to look out for when buying a new driver, or irons. You can view them all on our comprehensive Guides & Advice section. 

Why buy your golf clubs and accessories from Golfbidder? 

At Golfbidder we want to make the process of buying premium used golf clubs as easy as possible. If you need any more help please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our Customer Service team who will be more than answer any questions you may have. 

Everything we sell comes with a minimum 12-month warranty and all our used golf clubs come with a 7-day trial so you can buy with total confidence.  


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