10 Golf hacks to make your life easier!

Thomas Tanner
Apr 06, 2021
4 minutes
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You'll have seen countless articles and videos detailing 'life hacks' - tips and tricks to use everyday times better and how a seemingly useless object can sometimes get you out of a bind.

Here at Golfbidder HQ, we put out heads together to develop some golf hacks to help make the game as easy as possible because we think it's already pretty hard.

Here are our top hacks.

Flying with your golf clubs

There is always a concern when flying that your golf clubs could be tossed and thrown about by baggage handlers. When you pull your driver out on the first tee, the last thing you want is to find the shaft has snapped. If you put the handle from a garden broom (or a curtain rod, or similar) inside your golf bag so that it sticks out above your longest club, it will act as a brace and absorb any impact that your bag might take.

Another one for when travelling, if you've got a driver with a removable head, you can remove this before you travel and wrap it up in your towel for extra protection. Just remember your wrench to attach it at the other end.

Quick conversion

We did not believe this works, but it does! If you're playing a course where all the measurements are in meters and need a quick conversion, you can use the following formula.

Take the first two numbers and add them to the whole number.

For example: 150 + 15 (first two numbers) = 165, and believe it or not, 150m is 165y.

Keeping dry

Less of a hack, more just a bit of advice, and that is to carry two towels - a regular towel for your clubs, and a smaller one (even a face cloth will do) for your hands.

Keep your gloves dry by hooking them over the arms of your umbrella while you're walking along.

On the course

Carry a roll of KT tape in your bag as it's super stretchy and super strong. It will provide a temporary fix to a ripped glove (although you should always have a new one from Golfbidder) or add a bit of extra protection on hot days if you feel a blister starting to develop.

If there are loads of golfers out on a particular morning, consider using a yellow ball. These will stand out from the crown and are much easier to find if you stray off the fairway.

Club maintenence

If your grips feel a little slippery, give them a quick wash with some washing up liquid. Like in the kitchen, it will cut through any grease and rejuvenate them - at least for a short time while you get some grips ordered!


If you want to check your impact and strike location without taping up your clubs, try a can of dry shampoo or athletes foot spray. A light powder coating will give you immediate feedback and wipes away with your towel.

Spend time learning how far your wedges or all your clubs go. Then once dialled in mark, the distances of a half and full swing on the back of the club with a sharpie. This will give you the confidence to hit the right shot, knowing you've got the right club.

Finally, and the best for last, use a line of carpenters chalk to mark a putting line on the green for the best practice putting aid ever invented. When you've finished, brush it away or let the rain do it for you, leaving no trace or damage to the green.

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Golf is an excellent form of exercise! You're so distracted and upset by crooked drives and putts that lipped out that you don't even notice you've walked over 4-miles! But if you are carrying your golf bag around that distance, you sometimes do feel it.

The most common use for a set of alignment sticks is to help with alignment. Drop an alignment rod just in front of your toes, and one just outside the ball, making sure they're parallel, just like train tracks.