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Thomas Tanner
Jan 31, 2023
6 minutes
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Welcome to the new Golfbidder website, it's been a long time in the making, but there are some fantastic improvements to help you browse and shop the best range of pre-owned golf clubs in Europe.

What's new?

Combined Basket

Our revolutionary Combined Basket (the first in Europe) allows you to buy and sell in a single transaction. Making Golfbidder the easiest way to sell your golf clubs online

How? By creating, alongside the traditional purchase basket, a part-exchange basket which will hold any second-hand golf clubs you want to sell, taking their value off the things you want to buy.

This dual basket means you'll see the final cost of your part-exchange before you checkout. That new driver might be even closer than you thought!

You can read more about our Combined Basket here.

Instant pricing

One of the main things we needed to deliver the Combined Basket launched was the ability to offer instant pricing to our users - so we did!

Rather than waiting for an email with a quote, you'll get a price for any used golf clubs you're looking to sell at the click of a button. All quotes are valid for ten days and stored in your account. You can access them via your Quotes List, add them to your basket, and check them out at any time.

Product pages

The new Golfbidder website gives us the ability to filter the tens of thousands of clubs in our product catalogue in more ways than ever before. So, if you wanted, you could filter by as many as 19 attributes to find the exact clubs to meet your specification. 

But while there are some users who will want to use the filters, there are others who just like to look at golf clubs. The difficult job was striking the correct balance between these two customers.  

When you land on the new Golfbidder product page you have access to some top level filters while also showing you all clubs we have in stock as soon as you land on the page.  

The main filters (Dexterity, Flex, Loft, and Condition) were carries over from the old website to filter down our catalogue and give you the right balance between all our stock and some of our stock. 

And of course, you don’t need to use them all, each one will dynamically change the stock list, always updating and displaying the clubs most suited to you. 

Or if you love golf clubs as much as we do, look at each one individually using the expandable accordion. 

Single pages for clothing and footwear

Along with more comprehensive improvements to navigation and filtering (more below), our golf clothing and golf shoe buying experience has had a complete overhaul.

Rather than being split out by brand as default, all clothing (or shoes) are on a single page so you can view all brands at once - then filter by colour, size, type, and more, until you find what you're looking for.

Another improvement is each model/family of products has been grouped so you can easily navigate between the alternative colour options.

What's changed?

Clearance page

Our auction page, the one remaining feature from the original Golfbidder website, has been replaced by a clearance page. The message is the same; this will be where you'll find the best offers on our entire range of used clubs and brand new golf accessories.

Discounts are shown in basket

We know our customer love to buy in bulk and save on our great range of balls, gloves, and other accessories, and the savings we're giving you for doing this is not changing.

Rather than adding a specific quantity pack to your basket, you can now add the number of items you want. The multi-buy discount will be applied automatically and displayed during the checkout.

What's improved?

Menu and filtering

With over 20,000+ unique items in stock and ready to ship, we want our users to find the right club for them as efficiently as possible.

There are now 11 different filters you can use when browsing all the second-hand golf clubs on Golfbidder and countless more when browsing our range of bags, accessories, clothing, and shoes.

Guides and Advice categories

Our old Help & Advice section is now Guides & Advice and has had a refresh and revamp with new categories to help you break down the jargon and find out what you need to know.

We're adding new content every week, so be sure to add a bookmark, as you won't want to miss anything.

What's the same?

One thing that has stayed the same is what Golfbidder stands for. You'll still find the best range of new and used golf clubs and accessories anywhere in Europe.

We're still dedicated to giving you the best customer service, so if you need any help with our new site, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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