How to use the new Golfbidder Trade-In page

Thomas Tanner
Aug 23, 2023
4 minutes

Golfbidder is The Home of Pre-Owned Clubs and as such we need to give you, our users, the easiest selling and trade-in experience as possible. Our new Trade-In Flow (launched yesterday) will help Golfbidder customers get a price for the used golf clubs quicker than ever before. If you’re happy to sell the whole process is more straightforward and will let all golf clubs live their lives to the fullest!

What's changed with the new Golfbidder Trade-In Flow?

The Golfbidder Trade-In flow has had a full round of research, user feedback, and development in order to bring the best in class to Golfbidder customers.

As well as offering instant pricing (which launched with our new website), we have reviewed and improved the following:
  • A better search bar to find your clubs even faster;
  • Using buttons and displaying all options reducing the number of clicks;
  • Tailoring the required attributes for each club category;
  • Overall condition rating for clubs;
  • Your saved quotes available on the Sell your clubs page;
  • Faster PO and label generation if you’re only looking to sell;
  • New FAQs section to help you get the info you need, quicker!

How do you get a price for your used golf clubs?

Getting a price for your used golf clubs is easier than ever thanks to our new Trade-In Flow.

  1. Start typing the brand and model of the clubs you’re looking to sell in the search box;
  2. Click on the clubs model which will bring up the attributes section;
  3. Fill out the required fields (note: these are different for each club category);
  4. Once complete, hit the Add to quote button which will show the price and add the club to the sale;
  5. Repeat the process for any other clubs you might have.
We've simplified the information we need to give you a price - including an overall condition.

How do you sell your second-hand golf clubs?

Once you have your price, you’re only a few click away from selling your used golf clubs.

  1. When you’re ready, hit the Sell items button and you’ll be taken straight through to review and confirm your sale.
  2. Click the Sell now button to complete the process and get your purchase order and free shipping label.
Confirming your sale is simpler than ever with just two clicks needed to confirm and get your free shipping label

How do you ship to your golf clubs to Golfbidder?

Once you have your free shipping label, take your clubs down to your local UPS Access Point and we’ll take care of the rest.

Make sure you see the shop scan the box as this will record the box in the system and insure it from this point.

Any other tips to get the most out of the Golfbidder Trade-In experience?

Use our top tips to get the most out of our new Trade-In experience.
  • If you cannot see a price, make sure you're logged in.
  • Loggin in will also show you all your saved quotes.
  • You can re-submit an expired quote, rather than having to give all the information again.
  • If your quote is over £100 we can send you a box.
  • All orders are saved in your account.
You can re-submit any quotes which might have expired to save re-entering all the information again.

If you have any more questions about selling your golf clubs to Golfbidder you can find lots of information in our FAQs section or reach out to Customer Services team who will be happy to help.

Please note though, we are not able to give any prices out over the phone.

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