It's fair to say that you want to know that the golf clubs and equipment you're using is as good as your playing partners when you're standing on the first tee. None of us wants to be at a disadvantage because of our equipment.

It is easy to watch the PGA Tour and think how easy it would be if you could use (and afford!) the equipment used by the best player in the world. But have you thought about trying to build a bag worthy of use by Northern Ireland's Rory McIlroy

A simple question to answer today - is it possible to build a Tour ready golf bag for under £1000? No corners cut, just a fantastic collection of, top class and proven winners.

Change is in the air, and 2023 could be one of the most important years in the history of the golf industry. Of course, there are loads of new golf clubs to talk about, four Majors, some fantastic new PGA Tour players to keep an eye on, Tiger, and what will happen with LIV?