The idea of a golf ball is to get you from the tee peg to the bottom of the cup. But like cars, which all get you from A to B, some are more expensive than others.

Lucky you if you own a TSi driver with its incredible face produced by the Pittsburgh based Allegheny Technologies Incorporated, which is 425 Aerospace Titanium and is right on the USGA's CT and COR limits.

The drivers in the Titleist Speed Project family feature a whole manner of adjustability, including Titleist's first dalliance with the world of adjustable weights.

The TS3 is the most adjustable driver in the Titleist Speed Project line up - specifically designed to beef up the amount of draw or fade bias you can put on your ball. Like all the Speed Project drivers you get loft and lie adjustability thanks to Titleist's Sure-Fit hosel, but in the TS3 you also get Titleist's first moveable weight - the Sure-Fit CG weight cartridge.

So you've got your matching Titleist TSR fairway wood, but it's the first adjustable fairway wood you've had. You're lost in a new world of adjustment capabilities and need help figuring out where to start?

So you've finally got your hands on a new to you Titleist TSR driver, and you want to get every yard, foot, and inch out of it! The article (and video) will do just that. We'll help you adjust your TSR driver to the optimum settings for your game.

The Titleist TSi family of drivers includes four different models, each with individual characteristics aimed at specific golfers and golf swings. Below we look at the TSi1, 2, 3, and 4 to help you understand the differences between them to help you identify the best one for your game.

Along with your clubs and a bag to carry them in, golf balls are fundamental to being able to play golf - after all, the only objective is to get the ball into the hole.

With the price of a brand new fairway wood edging closer and closer to £300 we had a look through the Golfbidder warehouse to see what you could add to your bag for around half that, and in some cases, far less than half!

At Golfbidder, we’re on a mission to give all golfers the best golf clubs for the best value and in this article we’ve picked the best drivers from our warehouse for under £250 - about half the RRP of a new release.

Just when we’d got our heads around bounce on wedges, what it does, and how much we need, the manufacturers have thrown another variable into the mix. Grind. Like bounce angles before figuring out which grind is right for you can be extremely tough.

Bob Vokey. It is one of the most recognisable names in golf, a name synonymous with quality, dominance and excellence, a name you trust entirely.