Congratulations to our winners, Simon, Liam, Lloyd, William and Joe, who enjoyed a great day out with good weather and hours of golf with two of YouTube’s biggest golf stars.

Golfbidder, once again teamed up with Rick Shiels to look into the progress made by PING drivers in the last 5 years. A relatively modest releaser of clubs, PING generally only release a new driver every 2 years, with 4 drivers to choose from in the time frame.

Rick Shiels came to Golfbidder with a question. How much difference is there between each of Callaway’s 24 driver releases in the last 5 years? We did not know, so we teamed up with Rick, providing every driver from the period, ready for a test.

Golfbidder teamed up with Rick Shiels, to investigate the progress made by Cobra, over the last 5 years. In this time span Cobra have released 5 new families of driver, with 20+ models within these families!

After 3 years of waiting, fans of Rick Shiels and Peter Finch finally got to watch the YouTube stars make their way around Golfbidder HQ, the home of pre-owned clubs, to pick out their £500 bags filled with quality used clubs.

For obvious reasons, both Rick and Pete had a little extra fire in their bellies for the final instalment of the £500 challenge. After four matches, over the last four years, amazingly the score stands at two wins each! By the end of this series of videos, we'll have crowned the Golfbidder £500 challenge champion.

In 2019, the drill was the same; however, this year, there was a kicker. Once the bags were finalised Donal hosted the inaugural Golfbidder Putting Challenge in our new Putting Studio at our Chessington HQ.

For the third instalment of the Golfbidder £500 challenge, Rick and Pete stand all square with both taking a commanding victory. With Donal again meeting them at Golfbidder HQ Rick and Pete are informed they're required to bring two drivers and two putters, and the public will decide the final build of the bag.

After the rampant popularity of the first Golfbidder £500 Challenge Rick and Pete returned to Golfbidder HQ, with Rick keen on revenge after Pete's commanding victory at Burhill. The venue this time, Bearwood Lakes - and the match, very different!

In March 2016, Rick Shiels and Peter Finch arrived at Golfbidder HQ, and the £500 challenge was born. The concept behind the videos is simple - Rick and Peter both receive £500 each and free reign of the Golfbidder inventory, to put together a second-hand set of clubs.