A regulation course with a par of 72 allows for half of those shots to be putts. Yet for some unknown reason, we don't give putting the attention it deserves - spending hours on the driving range and then five minutes on the putting green.

If you're new to golf and looking forward to getting out for your first game but don't know what actual golf clubs you'll need to start, this page is especially for you. In the guide below we're going to put any thoughts about not having the right or enough clubs to bed, and show you that golf can be played and enjoyed with just a few clubs in your bag.

According to the rules of golf we are all allowed to carry a maximum of fourteen clubs in your golf bag. But what clubs do you need? What do they each do? In this article we’ll build a virtual bag of 14 clubs explaining why each one has a vital role to play.

‘Drive for show, putt for dough.’ The adage is as true today as it ever was. If a good golfer posts a score close to par, almost half of the shots taken will be with a putter.

Does the shape of the putter head make a difference? It must do with so many different options available. But how does it interact with your stroke, and which one is right for you?

A simple question to answer today - is it possible to build a Tour ready golf bag for under £1000? No corners cut, just a fantastic collection of, top class and proven winners.

Peter Finch has been having problems with his putting, so we let him raid our warehouse to find the perfect putter to put in his bag.

At Golfbidder we aim to provide the best quality and value in used golf clubs across Europe, especially for new golfers and beginners. We hope this guide is helpful and gives you some tips and tricks in getting the best value from your golf equipment.