Before Bryson DeChambeau started his pursuit of power, speed, and distance he was already the talk of the golf industry thanks to the equipment he was using - all his Cobra irons were the same length.

Whether you are looking for a new set of Ping clubs from the Golfbidder store, or you already own some PING clubs, then understanding the famous PING dot system is a requirement.

When browsing over 1,000 sets of irons from different brands, with different names, released in different years, all in different conditions, and with different prices, it can be pretty confusing to know where you stand and what our sets of new or used irons include.

The head of a golf club, especially a set of irons, is a very recognisable shape, even to non-golfers. However, the process to achieve this universally recognisable shape can vary dramatically from model to model, and even between irons within the same set.

The Wilson Staff D250 is a distance inspired set of irons which fall into the game improvement category. The heads are oversized and feature hell and toe weight pods which add forgiveness and help to square the face up at impact.

If you're new to golf and looking forward to getting out for your first game but don't know what actual golf clubs you'll need to start, this page is especially for you. In the guide below we're going to put any thoughts about not having the right or enough clubs to bed, and show you that golf can be played and enjoyed with just a few clubs in your bag.

According to the rules of golf we are all allowed to carry a maximum of fourteen clubs in your golf bag. But what clubs do you need? What do they each do? In this article we’ll build a virtual bag of 14 clubs explaining why each one has a vital role to play.

A set of irons is probably the most expensive single piece of golf kit you’ll buy – so best to get it right! Hundreds of different models, but which set of golf irons will be best for you? To help you narrow down the options, we’ve put together our guide to buying Irons.

If your budget is a healthy £500 for a set of irons, here are five possible options from the hundreds of sets we have in stock.

The Cobra F Max irons feature the best of Super Game Improvement technology but on a diet, making these clubs super lightweight as well as super easy to hit!

Choosing your irons can be a daunting task. Blades, or cavity backs. Cast, or forged. Seems like a lot of choices to be made, and that’s before you take your needs and ability into account.

Iron loft can be so confusing! The question ‘what did you hit there?’ asked to try and gauge what you should hit has almost become obsolete because lofts vary so much from manufacturer to manufacturer, and even in the models offered by the same manufacturer.