It's winter, conditions are very different from Summer, so what are the essential items you need to have in your bag get the most from your Winter golf?

Picking a new golf bag used to be a simple decision - a carry (stand) bag or a cart bag? Now, however, it seems that there are bags for more scenarios than we could ever have imagined - stand, cart, tour, pencil, and even hybrid!

Golf is an excellent form of exercise! You're so distracted and upset by crooked drives and putts that lipped out that you don't even notice you've walked over 4-miles! But if you are carrying your golf bag around that distance, you sometimes do feel it.

At Golfbidder we aim to provide the best quality and value in used golf clubs across Europe, especially for new golfers and beginners. We hope this guide is helpful and gives you some tips and tricks in getting the best value from your golf equipment. 

Taking your golf clubs away will be the preferred choice of all golfers. However, as the cost of flying with golf clubs increases, the economics and logistics involved can quickly outweigh the benefits - especially if you're only playing one or two rounds.