If you are new to the game of golf and looking to upgrade your driver on the Golfbidder website, you’ll see that some have very visible weights in their heads. What are these weights for and what do they do?

The Callaway EPIC Max, Max LS, and Speed drivers are laden with Artificial Intelligence and the 2021 additions to the Callaway EPIC family of drivers. All three models have the Callaway OptiFit Hosel to adjust loft and lie. The Max and Max LS also have an adjustable sliding weight in the sole to influence shot shape.

Rick Shiels came to Golfbidder with a question. How much difference is there between each of Callaway’s 24 driver releases in the last 5 years? We did not know, so we teamed up with Rick, providing every driver from the period, ready for a test.

With the price of a brand new fairway wood edging closer and closer to £300 we had a look through the Golfbidder warehouse to see what you could add to your bag for around half that, and in some cases, far less than half!

At Golfbidder, we’re on a mission to give all golfers the best golf clubs for the best value and in this article we’ve picked the best drivers from our warehouse for under £250 - about half the RRP of a new release.

Change is in the air, and 2023 could be one of the most important years in the history of the golf industry. Of course, there are loads of new golf clubs to talk about, four Majors, some fantastic new PGA Tour players to keep an eye on, Tiger, and what will happen with LIV?

With over 2,500+ new and second-hand drivers to choose from at Golfbidder HQ The Doc had a real job on his hands when we asked him to pick his top-5 of all time.

At Golfbidder we’re surrounded by a treasure trove of over 2,000 new and second-hand fairway woods but how easy is it to find some real bargains? Here are the best 5 fairway woods we can find for under £100.00.

To help you find the right Callaway driver for you, the Golfbidder team has picked out five of the best options available for under £200.

We’ve once again rummaging in the Golfbidder warehouse, this time to find the best wedges for under £75.

Designed for the better player, the Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero driver gives you the ability to control the spin characteristics so better ball strikers can gain a few extra yards.

The Mavrik Max driver from Callaway is the most forgiving in the family. Moveable weight technology in the sole, a full 460cc clubhead, and hosel adjustability can give this drive a big anti-slice bais.