TaylorMade P790 irons preview

Thomas Tanner
Sep 01, 2017
2 minutes

The new TaylorMade P790 iron (released alongside the P730) gives TaylorMade four irons in the P for Players family, all distinguish by blade length.

The P790 has a 79mm blade (the longest in the family), and features several manufacturing processes new to TaylorMade. These are geared towards making a forged face iron set with genuine performance and distance of a game improvement type clubs.

From 3 to 7 iron the P790 are a hollow iron. Different carbon steels are forged then welded together. A tungsten weight is included to ensure the centre of gravity is pushed low for forgiveness. A very visible screw in the toe of the club is where foam is injected to fill the space which expands to about 5 times the size then cures to help brace the face. TaylorMade have used foam before, in their R9 irons, but they say this new SpeedFoam material produces much better COR or "trampoline off the face" numbers.

The benefits of having a hollow iron are many. Distance through face flexion, improved feel, and because the centre is practically empty, all the weight is around the perimeter of the club giving it a high Moment of Inertia or stability of the face through the strike.

So will the P790's suit you? Well if you are a cavity back player breaking 80 regularly and thinking of moving to something a little more blade like then certainly check these out. There's still a genuine level of offset, the topline is reassuringly thick, and the longer 79mm blade inspires confidence. And if you've been using blades and want something that still looks like a players iron but is faster and more forgiving the P790 are for you.

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